Logbook entry

Xhaler / 03 Nov 3305

The urge to explore the galaxy is just growing stronger for each trip and just a few months after completing the Distant Worlds 2 expedition to Beagle Point we are heading back into the black. But this 7th trip will also have an important mission and achieve something that I wanted to do for a long time, and now was the perfect time to do it.

In my early days of Elite, back in 3302, I had my first long-distance journey to SagA* and at that time I wasn't even aware of great tools like EDSM, Inara or EDDiscovery, so my shiplog was manually written by hand. I have of course saved all my logs, so this trip is mainly dedicated to rediscover the original route and 32 waypoint systems to have them registered into my EDSM and EDDiscovery flightlog. Another exciting thing I am really looking forward to is returning to Explorer's Anchorage at SagA* that I proudly was a part of building during DW2, and also to visit the new megaship and science relay station that wasn't finished when we left.

The crew has worked hard the whole week to make the Prometheus ready for deep space traveling and we are all excited to leave for this roundtrip to SagA* and Colonia.

30.07.3305 - AN EASY START
Departed from homebase, Jameson Memorial in Shinrarta Dezhra early this morning and have done the first 2000LY's to "Hillary Depot" refuel station where we spent the first night. We left early next morning to make a short, but traditional visit to Thor's Eye. I'm never getting tired of the awesome (and twisted) view of "the Eye".

01.08.3305 - THE GREEN BEAUTY
Something that I haven't got my name on yet is one of these extremely rare Glowing Green Gas Giants and I've always wanted to see one. I had been informed that a really nice GGGG already discovered was just along the route so we plotted the course. And what an awesome view!!! Seeing one of these green giants this close is truly one of the greater rewards you can get while exploring the galaxy. And maybe some day I will have my own name on one of these colorful giants.

Stunned by the sheer view of this giant green marble we decided to fly as close to it as we possibly could without doing anything stupid. But it was just peaceful and "one of those moments"!

At the end of the day we made it to the first waypoint system on my "Rediscovering" list. Did some notes in the shiplog before heading on. Docked at "Observation Post Epsilon" asteroid base for the night which will be our last sign of civilization before arriving at SagA*. We'll meet in the "Epsilon" bar for a nightcap!

A nice welcome and friendly escorte the last few kilometres to the asteroid base.

To my great excitement we discovered the first Earth Like World on this trip. My "Rediscovery" project is also going very well and so far we have tracked and logged 14 of the 32 systems and are almost half done.

There are no stations to dock with out here, so we landed on a nice red HMC world with some great views for the night. Will collect some valuable materials here before we leave.

26.08.3305 - ALMOST THERE
It's been a while since the last log, but there hasn't been any specific things to add other than discovering another four ELW systems, a system with triple waterworlds and a new Helium Rich Gas Giant along the way. After crossing the Norma Arm and Empyrian Straits regions we have finally entered the Galactic Centre region and estimating to arrive and dock at Explorer's Anchorage sometime tomorrow.

Most of the views out here just takes your breath away!

29 days has passed since we left home and after almost 28 000LY's the Prometheus could safely dock at Explorer's Anchorage. I went straight off to sell our presious exploration data which was worth almost 800 million! My "Rediscovery" project has also succesfully been completed now and all of the 32 original waypoints have been revisited and are safely logged in the EDSM and EDDiscovery flightlog. We will stay here for a day or two to visit the science station and megaship before moving on towards Colonia.

The "DSSV Distant Worlds" megaship at SagA*

The "Event Horizon" Science Relay station

29.08.3305 - RARE FIND
After a nice revisit to Explorer's Anchorage we have plotted our course to Colonia and crossed into Odin's Hold region. Discovered some interesting systems; one with a rather large ELW moon and one with a Water world moon orbiting a larger one.

This beautiful bright red gas giant was worth a closer look.

Taking the time to explore on our way to Colonia and discovered a few other gems:
ELW system with one massive (64EM) Ammonia world (also a green system)
ELW system with a WW and AMW

16.09.3305 - COLONIA
After an 11 000LY's stretch from SagA* we reached Colonia today and got our docking clearance at Jaques Station. The Prometheus will need a repaint job and some small repairs which will take a few days in the shipyard. Colonia has really expanded since my last visit here a few years ago, so I'm planning on staying here for a week or so to get to know this region a little better. Sold another batch of cartographic data since Explorer's Anchorage which made us another 400 million.

17.09.3305 - NEW SHIP
Spent some money on a brand new ship. The "Rocinante" is a Krait Phantom and will be a multipurpose ship dedicated for both mining and bounty hunting. It will be stationed here at Jacques station for my future visits to Colonia.

Took her out on the first mining job after finishing most of the engineering and she certainly not disappointed. Small, quick and manouvrable ship and perfect for the job.

27.09.3305 - TIME TO LEAVE
I've had a great time here in Colonia and we have been here for 10 days now spending some time finishing engineering the "Rocinante". Also tested her out in some bounty hunting and she really bites.

The Prometheus is back from the repair shop and ready for some more deepspace exploring. The plan from here is to continue west for a while to visit a few new regions before heading south towards home.

It's been two weeks since we left Colonia and today we hit an ELW system with 3 waterworlds.
Landed on a planet in a nearby system for the night.

27.10.3305 - EUREKA!!
We are homebound and have almost finished crossing the Temple region. Will soon enter our home region, the Inner Orion spur.

We have found a whole lot of new waterworlds, but today we discovered a real gem with 6 waterworlds. Three of them are terraformable and with an extra bonus of 3 terraformable HMCW's making it quite a payout! You don't find these everyday, so system will also be reported as a candidate for the Galactic Mapping Project.

31.10.3305 - TWINS
Discovered another great system with twin ELW's and a waterworld.

Docked at Medusa's Rock asteroid base and was suddenly back to civilization again. Since leaving Colonia we had some more cartographic data to sell, and made another 450 million. We only have about 5000LY's to go before docking back home at Jameson Memorial and its going to be good coming back home after three months out in the black. I will give my crew a well earned vacation, but for myself it will be a short one as I have been invited to some serious Void Opals mining by some friend commanders.

04.11.3305 - RETURNING HOME!
We passed a few outposts today and getting real close to the bubble. Made a little detour to visit the beautiful Veil Nebula and landed in a nearby system to get a good view.

After a few more jumps and we were back home, ready to dock at Jameson Memorial.


Fly safe o7

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