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Orion Starhunter / 07 Nov 3305

We have finally arrived at Amundsen Terminal in Lagoon Sector NI-S b4-10.

Due to the size fuel tank we are carrying, I had to make a few last minute course corrections in order to prevent us from running out of fuel.
It seems there is quite a bit of brown dwarfs and T-type Tauri stars before you arrive to Lagoon Sector.

I have to admit, the view is spectacular.  Reds and blues of the Lagoon Nebula stand out in the night sky.  What's even more amazing is that in among the gasses that were created with such violence and chaos, there is a feeling of tranquility and peace about this area.

I took the liberty to consult our new computer addition, and according to the records, there are only 10,000 people here in this area.  I know this doesn't seem like much, but one has to wonder what they've done to survive the elements, being so far from the bubble.

There is some sort of local event this evening here that everyone is invited to, which includes some good food.  I have to admit, per our last trips our food replicators have been very good, but nothing beats home cooking no matter what part of the galaxy you happen to be visiting.

Our next leg of this journey should take us to Traikoa FL-P E5-4, where we hope to get a good view of the Black Treasure Black Hole.  We've been there once before, but I figured if we're going to head to Colonia, this would be well worth the visit one more time.  I remember the last time we visited, and how awestruck I was at the beauty of a black hole in a nebula.  Definitely an opportunity to collect valuable research data, and photos.

Per the navigational computer, it's an estimated 27 jumps to the Traikoa Nebula, so it's only a little side tracking.  Heck, we may visit, and then come back to Amundsen Terminal before we push on to the Eagle Nebula.

As for now, the crew is in good health and spirits, and I'm pretty certain looking forward to the festivities here at Amundsen.

One side note, I was contacted by another Commander who suggested that we check out the Ancient Ruins in this area, and requested the coordinates to do so. Picking up a few bits of information to sell could certainly help fund this expedition.

More later as it happens...

Commander Orion Starhunter
Ethereal Equinox
Imperial Cutter Class Starship
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CMDR Orion Starhunter
Explorer / Trader
09 Aug 3305
COMMANDER'S LOG ENTRY: August 9th, 3305
Orion Starhunter
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