Logbook entry

Antwan1357 / 07 Nov 3305
Hard Knocks , and Hard times , with the Blight.

Life for the economy has taken a hard hit with the Blight here in Wolf-186 , once , and still is the cheapest place in the galaxy to buy Alliance ships in the entire galaxy that is a guaranteed fact , but times are hard. Despite giving the very best deal in the galaxy. Wolf-186 struggles to make shipyard sales. Food is hard to get imported here . It is not just us though many Alliance systems have been affected with food shortages. A famine has broken out , and we are taking out ships laden with credits to begin importing needed foods for our family's homes. Fruits and vegetables have skyrocketed in prices to 3k while grains have jumped up to 2k credits. Imagine your entire family's pay check merely going into food. This is what is happening in our systems. For these families need our help to bring down the price of foods to reasonable prices ,by bringing in as many consumables as possible. Please anyone if you can have it in your heart to sell your grain here. The demand is just above a million units of grain.
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