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Antwan1357 / 08 Nov 3305
Long Hours Grinding BGS

Jumped to all our star systems using my max jump Diamondback Explorer. That little ship is wonderful. Does so much in such a small amount of time got that thing stripped down bare bones for simple INARA updating our entire star systems .. Went back into the Captial where my fleet is parked , jumped out of my stripped down max jump range Diamondback Explorer into a Imperial Cutter Trader build stripped down for cargo space and jump range still I enjoy some shields cargo hauling 704 units of Food to desperate families in need per trip. The food shortages are just terrible. It takes at least two jumps now to find any food units in my Imperial Cutter Trader. Meaning I have to travel a minimum of 30 light years away just to find anything out here. To top it off those supplies where just enough to cover the trip meaning I wiped out supplies to every place I went to . Returning , and distributing food stuffs to the local grocery markets . I decided to donate leftover food units to local populace requesting relief. After nine straight hours of that . An emergency war room meeting was called. An attack had been made on a planetary hospice for old retired veteran's shelter. Heading back to the Capital going to the opposite end of the galactic star government territory after jumping into my combat rapid response Imperial Courier with enhanced thrusters. Readying my power adjustments , then setting upon the attacker's power plant chased away a asp scout , then two more small ships where not so lucky , as they tried to flee the war zone they created , by attacking our faction controlled hospice care center for retired veteran's of the Alliance . " Is nothing sacred to some people ? " I wonder. After chasing away the criminals , headed back . Looking at my updated info I created earlier in the day... " Looks like we have a election going on." So I jump back into my Diamondback Explorer , and run a dozen courier missions, for our candidate in the election process. I must have been interdicted at least a dozen times as well , but I got this thing turning great stripped down. It just becomes a matter of time before I break free , and am on my way again , and again. Literally busy from sunrise , to sunset . Taking care of my people , my families , and loved ones.
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