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Diedericque / 08 Nov 3305
HEN 2-23 - Glorious Nebula


It has been a tourist location for a while, HEN 2-23 was referred to as the "Glorious Nebula". Located roughly 8,5 kLy from Sol, this planetary nebula is relatively close to the bubble but yet one that has gained it's reputation not only by it's beauty but also by the difficulty of reaching the location.
60 Ly jump range is advised, 55 Ly range is good enough, 50 Ly range is certainly not recommended but possible though.
No matter what your ships' FSD capabilities are, not even with 76 Ly range would you be able to route a path to HEN 2-23. Thus it is required for the explorer to use some serious FSD injections. Planning further on makes it possible to get to a few neutron stars or white dwarfs which give you the final boost towards HEN. Anyhow, be prepared to make sure you can get there, actually make sure you can leave the place aswell..!

Once arrived, you'll be welcomed by a legend of a Wolf-Rayet shining beautifully in an endless black sea. Because at this point you will quickly notice that you are so far from the regular star density that the visible stars remaining around you can be counted on two hands.

You can spend a long time at HEN 2-23. There are many different sights to see even though there are just a few planets around. I personally recommend any commander to go there.
Be amazed by its glory, glorious nebula, HEN 2-23

- Diedericque -
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