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Rex-Cramer / 08 Nov 3305
Armored up... Sold out, part 4

======= Ship's Log (3305-11-7) =======

Full hold of cargo + full refinery secured.  140T Void Opals, 90T Painite, 35T Osmium over 36hrs out.  Ship was attacked on outbound leg at system "Magellan" by 2 aggressors.  Krait Phantom, registration unknown, was destroyed.  An Eagle, registration unknown, was severely damaged and fled the system at high wake.  Shield upgrades and weapon engineering provided noticeable improvement in offense and defensive performance.  No other hostile interactions were encountered on outbound leg.

Several void opal sites have been identified in continuation of my survey of white dwarf systems in the Dryooe Prou region nebula.  Initial results in these void opal hot-spots have been promising.  Most of the WD's seem to be of BA or BC type.  Ages seem to be in the range of 6 to 12 million years.  Many have extensive planetary systems directly orbiting.  This region seems to have an extremely high population of these stellar remnants and I plan to spend more time mapping them.

Preparing for the return leg to Colonia region.  

CMDR Rex Cramer


======= Begin Encrypted Communication (Ship Key Profile: Styx1) =======

Package cargo secured in previously discussed system.  See attached nav.dat file for planetary surface coordinates.  Your payment portion 1 key is "ablegranderite-c4b7-afda-3ce2-ffde".  Payment portion 2 key is deliverable on confirmation of package and cargo deposited at the agreed port.  A 30% bonus is available if the package and cargo are delivered in 50hrs of receipt of this message.  Safe travel commander, with my deepest appreciation for your willingness to make this journey on short notice.  I owe you one, beyond the money.

Please deliver the following message to the package:  

Shift: 3   Key: PSK
Fkog, Wbd rehqw bku wbd rqueweqn qp aqxt oktlq. Bd eu
zdhh oqmrdnukwdi wq idheydt aqx bqmd. E bqrd aqx pqhhqz
ma kiyeud. Lqqi hxog. Ldw bdt vkog!

CMDR Rex Cramer

======== End Encrypted Communication (Ship Key Profile: Styx1) =========
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Armored up... Sold out, part 4
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