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Tzebra / 08 Nov 3305
Training Jordynn

16:43, 8th November, 3305
Col 285 Sector SJ-G c11-13 System

With two days of training, Jordynn became proficient with the Python class ship. The heavy engineering allowed for better handling, firepower, survivability, and efficiency, increasing the ships forgiveness capabilities. This was a true multi-functional platform; as Jordynn learned.

Though most people were familiar with lasers, and there instant firing from time of trigger pull. Rail-guns were a different matter, as Jordynn had never fired one before. The delay between trigger pull, charge, and fire, acquired a different mindset; the triple-shot Imperial Hammers, more-so.

We spent the majority of the first day, simply going over the Python's capabilities. We practiced various approaches, offensive and defensive options, and how to fight without computer aided flight-assistance. Jordynn fired more than 300 rounds from each of the dual Imperial Hammer rail-guns, before developing the muscle memory required, to anticipate and lead a target, to insure optimal shot placement.

That evening Jordynn learned about chemically synthesizing ammunition, and how to find supplies quickly, and reliably. Her training the next day was focused on the SRV; she mastered this quickly. Once she had completed obtaining the resources needed for synthesis, she re-loaded the Imperial Hammers, then traveled to the Anarchy systems local Navigation Beacon, for live-fire exercises; she earned a million in bounties in short order.

With the day almost complete, she took us back to the local planet, where she obtained the materials necessary for synthesis, to further her SRV training, combatting hostile Skimmer UAVs.
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