Logbook entry

Richard Alpert / 09 Nov 3305
The Chronicles of Richard Alpert: Introduction

In this universe in continuous destruction and reconstruction, there is only one thing we must protect: knowledge. I didn't know it when I was 12 years old and I said goodbye to my father, that happy man that I saw marching with his shoulders down while he dragged that great chest. What it contained would not be revealed until days later, when members of the federation razed part of the station, where clandestinely were kept millenary secrets of humanity. So much violence for a simple chest? That was my first lesson.

I became interested in those relics and that search led me to HR 5307 system. This resource-rich system had originated a continuous conflict between pirate and federal forces; until a society known as the Heimdal Corsairs drew up a strategic plan to re-establish the welfare state of the system... and the truth, that made people happy. I finally discovered that my father was among the memorials to that mysterious organization.

There I met Commander TCAS. He explained to me that for years, my father devoted much of his life to restoring peace and freedom to peoples. For a moment I doubted all that, I was fascinated by the idea that my father was a hero...

My enthusiasm and my youth did not go hand in hand and the commander facilitated my training, one day my search would bear fruit. He led me to Theo Acosta - Instructor of the pilots' federation - and once presented with honours he acted as mentor.

After a few hard years, I'm now an adult and I finally have my pilot's license. For a few months I spent my time doing some work moving goods and acting as a messenger, which allowed me to collect some credits. But I'm getting tired of this life and I'm sure the TCAS commander won't even remember me.

[Sound of incoming message]
Shirka: Commander, you have a new message.

Well, I'm sure it's another merchandise order. I told them I was retiring...

It's Commander TCAS! and here it says...  "You have been admitted as a member of the Heimdal Corsairs and you must meet me at the Hopkins Terminal."

I'm going to follow the same path as my father. A noble path for a more civilized future.

My name is Richard Alpert and this is where my story begins.
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