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VictoriaTerpsichore / 09 Nov 3305
Assisting the Golconda Colonists

While engaging in a little R&R in Fozard Port, I caught some news about some trade opportunities and bounties. Never one to turn down a chance to make a few credits while also being on the good side of the law, I brought the T9 out and went for a maiden combat voyage with the Krait MkII.

Both are named the Heavy Metal Queen, because I like the name and I wasn't about to leave it behind when I left for DW2.

Anyway, I flew about 200k worth of bounties while the T9 was being shipped. Combat in an Krait geared for exploration was like trying to run through knee-deep water, but it got the job done. I still prefer the Black Wind for combat (FDL).

Turned in the combat bonds and meandered over to the materials trader--a rare but welcome sight--just to see their wares. Mayhaps I'll be picking a few up to help out with some engineering tasks once the jobs out here dry up in a few weeks. Usually it doesn't take much longer than that.

Sometimes I wish I had a spot to settle down. Used to be I'd run Hutton, just for the fun of it. It was good money and I felt like I'd been laid off when they stopped requesting data hauls out there. Now I see my ship as home, and usually spend most of my time in the T9. It's far bigger than any ship I was ever on growing up, and sometimes it's hard to believe it's mine. I'm starting to make the place my own. Maybe I'll get some grow lights and start propagating plants.

Rutherford Port had everything I needed to fill up the hull and head back to Fozard.

It's a small run tonight, only 744t, but I plan to hit the ground running tomorrow and try to bring the colonists what they need. I was hearing a lot of chatter from some pirates floating around outside the Golconda, but didn't engage. Fly safe if you're out in the Upaniklis system. Hell, fly safe all the time, commanders.
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CMDR VictoriaTerpsichore
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09 Nov 3305
Assisting the Golconda Colonists
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