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Junagu / 12 Nov 3305
CCC4 expedition and return to Colonia

I returned to the Bubble from Colonia a few months ago now and I've been very, very busy here. I did a lot of research and poking about in some of the Guardian locations that I'd only briefly visited before and managed to get access to some very useful modules and SLF craft. However no fresh insights were gained - merely retreading the steps of those who had gone before. I also spent a good deal of time building up a sizeable fleet, which I hadn't intended to do; I had anticipated using only a few ships. But, once I started tinkering I found it very hard to stop. Money wasn't really an issue, as I'd built up a small fortune in Colonia and during my exploration around the Core region and the Teal Nebula. And now I have myself some very good ships covering a lot of different roles. And I think that that will do me for quite some time.

My last couple of builds have been put together with meticulous attention to detail. The reason? Well, it's time to head out on another long distance journey. The Lost Souls 2 Expedition is heading into the Formadine Rift, which I've never been to, though it is heading to Colonia first. Since I was planning to head back that way anyway I've also joined CCC4 and will continue developing my OHBoat service, shipping OnionHead to remote outposts and the Colonia region is the big one as far as cargo hauls go. Though I've done that trip several times now, this will be the first time with a relatively large cargo. And I intend to do some exploration on the way too, so it should be an interesting trip.

I've had very mixed feelings about trying to re-establish myself in the Bubble but it hasn't really worked and I don't feel settled here. The last straw was the disgusting political wrangling around OnionHead and the kind of biological warfare emerging out of that. Although I'm not involved directly my sympathies most definitely lie with the OH producers, not those that try to repress independence in human society. Colonia calls once more, where there is a much more open minded attitude and much less entrenched corruption and antagonism.

Now my long work of befriending most of the known Engineers and developing my relationship with them has reached fruition I put together 2 ships very quickly for the upcoming journey . One, a Krait Mk2 called Wards Stone and another the OHBoat, Arkholme Verse, a Python. I think I've got these right. My first attempt at putting together a long range vessel was another Python, Mine Bottalack Crown, for the Distant Worlds 2 expedition and although it completed that journey quite comfortably it definitely could have been better. However the Krait Mk2, Worm Sike, which I took out to the Teal Nebula when I journeyed out there with The Presence (another DW2 veteran) a few months ago really proved itself as a great long distance explorer; a very nice ship indeed. So I will be using that for the longer journey from Colonia to the Formadine Rift. It has all the trimmings, SLF, SRV, Xeno scanner, etc and still a respectable range.

I'll have to say goodbye to a lot of the ships I've been developing steadily during my time operating out of Arexe with the Silverback squadron. I decided to get some of the older, smaller ships decked out for some specialist roles and I've developed an enduring fondness for some of them. I suspect I shall ship a lot of them out to Colonia, at considerable expense no doubt; but then a few mining stints should cover it. I've already done the hard work in that regard.

The roster for the CCC4 has a lot of familiar faces from DW2. I'm really looking forward to travelling with them again and seeing some sights.

The Python - Long-distance OHBoat, Arkholme Verse

The Krait Mk2 long-distance exploration vessel, Wards Stone

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CMDR Junagu
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19 Nov 3305
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