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ElZurdo83 / 19 Nov 3305
Golconda Port

I started the day waking up in the cabin of the latest ship in my fleet. Its been an aim of mine as long as i can remember to Captain a Corvette. After picking her up late last night i shot back to SILCS HQ in Watson's Horizons. I had a long chat with Cmdr Nomad, SILC nver really get involved with community goals but this one felt different.  It felt like the perfect opportunity to introduce the SHS Aegis Proximate into the haulage department at SILC, along side the SHS Deep Orbit, SILC now has the capability to shift commodities in high volume.
After a few whiskys and a some hard decision making, myself and Cmdr Nomad went with what we felt needed to happen to the people aboard the Golconda.  A civilization detached from the galaxy and a vision lost through the centuries. The part of us that drives SILC on is the very reason we needed to see the ship complete its original goal, to find a planet to call home. We had to see past the cries of the people aboard the Golconda "to be left alone" and hope the population will one day realize just what they have when they get to breathe fresh air and have a planet to call home. SILC had to back the Empire disregarding  recent ties with the Federation. We couldn't ignore what we felt was right and would not be swayed by the small loyalty we currently hold with the Federation.

I didn't really have the best of nights, a new cabin? unfamiliar smell of a new ship? Maybe it was being docked aboard the Lucent Embrace, i could of had a cabin aboard the Embrace but opted with the Corvette. SILC have worked so hard to add a 3rd one to the fleet i felt like the first night warranted a stint aboard.

Before we set out we visited the Golconda to give us the motivation to keep our eye on the price and put our efforts towards a worthy cause. It was a surreal experience hearing the thoughts of a lost civilization aboard, some scared, some realistic, some painfully deluded. One thing was clear, regardless of the views of certain individuals, they all needed saving. Some from themselves and some from the lack of supplies and illness spreading throughout the ship.  Cmdr Nomad and i even had a chuckle at a strange character responsible for religion among the population. Wouldn't mind chatting to him over breakfast in the future.

The visit did its job, with our minds focused and goal set Cmdr Nomad and myself set out to do what we at SILC do best. Get the job done!

Cmdr ElZurdo ........ Comms out.
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CMDR ElZurdo83
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20 Nov 3305
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Golconda Port
18 Nov 3305
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