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SwampyFox / 19 Nov 3305
Pegasus Run 3305 - Day 51

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Is the "juice worth the squeeze?"

Although he's been long gone - I still can hear my dad asking me this question.  I am thinking about this as I SC 300k LS to scan a water world and a terraformable HMC.

It most likely doesn't matter. This expedition is going to carry over into 3306 and take about a year to complete...and the chronometer has ticked off 52 days. Sure, there could be more credits squeezed out of this data, but hopefully my name will registered as the FD and FM. There's some worth there - but it's pure vanity. One day some other scrub will pop into this system, scan it and see some poor scrub wasted way too much time flying out here to fire off 5 or 6 probes.

Yup....that was me.

I am heading towards WP 5. Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to meet up with my fellow Commanders because I am going to make a quick right turn and make my way to Colonia. I really wanted to stick with my configuration, but...I'm missing my SC Module. It'd definitely come in handy on long kick outs like the one I am on right now. I also want to restock my supply of, ahem, adult beverages. That SC module will come in handy with that.

Since leaving WP 4, I haven't put down. I am not too interested in rolling about unless there is a need (my grade 3 jumponium options are limited...that may or may not be an issue). I don't expect to discover anything POI worthy. I am in it for the cartegraphic bits that I can sell - I am in it for the credits. And to be able to brag about navigating around the outer rim. That's gotta be worth something, right?

And that extra SC netted me a nice 3.8 million (of course, that's estimated and assuming I don't wreck the Intrepid).

Fox out

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Pegasus Run 3305 - Day 52
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Pegasus Run 3305 - Day 51
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