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Xexxzys / 01 Dec 3305
Writing at the Coffee Shop

Well, here I am at Garden Vista at Luyten 674-15.  It seems like a nice place, I mean tons of places to eat, drink, and to kick back and relax!!

So, since my last log, I kinda managed to upgrade my Imperial Cutter for mining...well somewhat at least.  I dealt with Lei Cheung, and managed to upgrade my ships, for some modules.  There's so much left to do, its as if its a never ending grind.  Well, I keep thinking to myself, if its not worth doing I wouldnt be doing these upgrades at all.  

I also got ahead of myself, and got a tad in trouble lately.  I have to go to an Interstellar Factor, and straighten things out.  

Ok, so I did some recon for a faction...Sirius.  They wanted me to do a little look-see to find out what their "so called friends" were up to.  Dammit...all that for a permit to access a system.  I'm sure I'll get out of this small mess.

On a side note, I've been keeping tabs on the news about the generation ship that was discovered.  I would really like to go and see that ship.  I keep hearing stories that humanity once looked up a the stars between the 20th and 21st Century, but couldnt reach any of them.  I really feel for those people in that time period, not knowing what was out there, and maybe it was meant to be that way.  However, the people on the generations ship achieved what others only dreamt about from the 20th and 21st Century, and persevered going forward.

Also,  I'm still having those flashes of the glowing symbols, and strings of lights.  Dont ask me why I see them.  I dont even know myself.  If i know more, I'll be sure to write it down...at this point its no use to keep on rambling on about it.

I'll try to write more on a regular basis, as I'm still getting used to writing in my life down on a pad.
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