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Linarra / 01 Dec 3305
Dipping a toe into the Black.

So I tried a trip into the Black for the first time. I’ve been playing a while (~1 year total with a 1 year gap in there), and while I do have Trader Elite and a couple of billion spacebux in the bank, I’m probably what you might call an ‘expert noob’.

My results: I got back whole, I’m glad to be back, I have a LOT more respect for you DeepSpace explorers out there, and I probably will stick close to home (the Bubble) for a while. [And I got my name on a buncha systems, I think!]

My trip was pretty elementary for most: I took my Krait MkII (23 ly jump) for a 5000ly trip out and 5000 back to unlock Professor Palin and Chloe Sedesi*. As you can tell from the range, though I’m slightly engineered, I am not optimized for exploration. Next time, I will be – though I am sure I did get a lot more First Discoveries for being unoptimized.

I took a moderate amount of time – I honked everything, FSS’d most things, mapped some things.

Notable events: Found my first Brain Tree forest, rode the Neutron Highway for real for the first time.

Also, I learned that it feels quite lonely out there in the Black. Not sure I love being the feeling –it creeps into my real life a little. I’ve been feeling a bit anxious IRL while my ship is out there. I’m definitely glad I tried this before making a Colonia trip… it might be a while before I try that. Lots of respect for the Deep Explorers out there, and especially for those who went out there before all the great tools (EDSM, EDDB, Neutron Router, etc.)

Dec 1 2019 Made it back aok. Space Madness didn’t get me, though I refused to fix the FSD and thrusters the last bit – I chanced having trouble landing it, but I lucked out this time. 187 million in exploration data. Not too shabby for a 5000 LY out and back trip. Next time I’ll know to optimize my ship – probably go with a Phantom built to jump.

* (Interesting game trivia most probably know: Chloe Sedesi tells you how you are progressing toward the 5k distance needed to unlock; Professor Palin doesn’t tell you until you’ve already crossed the 5k threshold. Best to get both at the same time and use Chloe to keep track.)
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