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Rex-Cramer / 02 Dec 3305
A Return to Origins

======= Ships Log (3305-11-30) Kojeara ========

We've been plotting out this build for a while now.  Not so much a build as a repurposing.  I simply didn't have it in me to chase down more engineering components and there are technologies we need to get access to so it's time to take what we have and make the return trip to the Bubble.   It's a mixed bag for me.  I enjoy the Colonia region and will miss my trips out To the Dryooe Prou nebula but I also am looking forward to seeing the old systems again and some friends that I have not seen since I left.  Narada has been stripped of all her mining gear and outfitted with a more exploration and defensive loadout.  I however do not believe much in the weak, barely functional builds that maximize jump range at the expense of everything else.   Narada still caries her reinforced hull and armor as well as a full suit of weapons replacing the mining tools.  Dual AFMU's should allow for needed repairs to the FSD as we will travel extensively over the neutron layer.  I don't believe she is ready for combat with dedicated heavy attack ships but the hope is that she will hold up long enough to make an escape if she is outclassed.  With all this she still sports a respectable 38LY jump range which makes the run back to Allied space a little less daunting than the trip out with 25LY range.

We will pay to have a few ships brought back to The Bubble for us and were it not for the soul-crushing cost to transport this beast I would have likely selected my Krait phantom as the better return ship.  However it's far more economical to fly this ship and ferry the others back.  The new crew is loaded up and getting used to the new home for the next few days.  So far they are getting along well.  Kaylen is a natural leader and taking a big role in helping Edwin improve his piloting skill.  Karoline has been getting familiar with the ship systems and generally working out well, though I think she may have overstated her engineering experience.  Time will tell if her position will remain.  Edwin is also a great engineer and now that he's worked himself to a competent rating as a pilot he's a useful addition to the team.

We will make a visit to our investors on return to The Bubble.  This will give them an opportunity to see the ship and connect physically with the flagship of our fleet as well as the new members of the team.  I'm sure they all have seen an Anaconda, they are as rare as mosquitos in a swamp, but it's not the same when you step onto the bridge of the one that you are part owner of.  That's a very substantial moment to most people.  I expect some of them will be interested in cashing out while others will want to hold onto the investment or take partial payments.  It's good that we have the substantial credit cushion we do.  

This trip will take about a week.  I expect to set down at Sacaqawea Port for a few days as our first stop, about 10,000LY from Colonia.  Last time through there was a bit of work on the mission boards and it's nice to touch down after a couple of days of jump, honk, scoop, jump.  We'll see what opportunities there are for a ship-for-hire that far out in the wilderness.  Maybe a chance for Karoline to get some time behind the fighters even.  This will not be a sight seeing trip, but I do expect to make a few forays to view nearby attractions.  There are a couple of nebulas along the way that look interesting to see up close.

Just need to finish up a couple of last bits of business and we will begin the trip back.

CMDR R. Cramer
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