Logbook entry

Alexander P. / 10 Dec 3305
Hangar talk (vol 1... possibly)

Oof, so after a long time of piloting this thing i found out that this little icon here on my comms panel allows me to record myself AND my thoughts... neato... well uh, i'll just go ahead and open up with something i did today that i found pretty funny so here goes.

Welp, i woke up in the lounge of my python at about 20:00 (i know, i should really work on my sleep schedule.) and headed up to the bridge to get my day started. At the time i was docked at Garay terminal in the Deciat system, i had just talked to farseer about kitting out the new 6A thrusters i had bought prior and docked at Garay to take a quick breather before heading out to who knows where.

anyway, once I'm in my pilots seat and everything boots up i get an idea that i never really had before. "what if i checked out the system wide comms panel before heading off?" I'm not exactly the sociable type but, well, the thought of SOME human contact was a little exciting. So i went to my comms panel and switched over to the system wide setting. lo and behold i'm greeted with 2 people having an argument about some ramming shenanigans going on. I let the argument die down a bit before i chime in with one of my favorite conversation starters "like, zoinks". shortly after one of the commanders responds with "scoob?" and things went from there. i actually ended up befriending this "serial rammer" in quite a funny way: we both had an extensive knowledge of old earth memes and jokes and we ended up bonding over spouting nonsense over the comms. things like reciting a scene from an old web series about some llamas wearing hat and one goes around killing people... but uh anyway, i found out he was on some sort of revenge streak for being blown up by a lawful vessel while he was in an innocent ship. so, to get back at the law, he went on a ramming spree, infuriating one commander in particular but he couldn't really do anything about it anyhow. overall i had a good time just sitting back and talking to the people that were actually making themselves useful and not just sitting in their hangar all day like i was.

welp, theres probably tons of better ways i could've worded this little story but the most interesting part about it to me was i experienced all this without leaving my hangar at all. and i even snagged a new friend because of it. i guess sometimes, we should just stop, open our comms, and see how others are doing in your local area, you know... socialise. but uh... well thats it for now. i might try this again sometime, and if anything else notable becomes of it i'll do another one of these... "Hangar Talks" i'll call them, welp, until next time.
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