Logbook entry

Antwan1357 / 10 Dec 3305
The Plague

As I'm looking back upon my notes. I'm concerned a great deal about this previous Blight that effected crop yields for nearly a month . The Plague afterwards shorter on the timescale still was more emphasised by the lack of nutrition going on when it did. It all started in Pardian , a small station named Sharma Landing , on the edge of Li Yong Rui discount territory . I sat down after auto docking , one of my favorite things to do , is get up and stretch my space legs straight to the latrines. Then grab a cup of coffee and sip before catching up on influence news etc. My head started spinning and I needed help to get off my ship. Sometimes I get sick being out too much and only after the rush of adrenaline is over do I often feel the effects of sickness . When my body decides to allow itself to shut down. Big mistake on my part mentally shutting down the nanites in my body. Didn't know they was the only thing keeping me going. Woke up a week later to find out I had to be put into a induced coma. The Dr told me they got to me just in time. Something in the Blight here in the crops mutated and transferred over to humans. Luckily they was able to quarantine me before it got out to the rest of the station. I was going to make a full recovery and they kept a specimen frozen for further study. As this is a very rare occurrence of transfer of a plant virus to animal virus across species. The agrimedicines I had on board seemed to be part of the solution to slow the virus while my immune system did the rest. I'll have to ask more questions when I get back.
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