Logbook entry

Adrella / 10 Dec 3305
Commander Adrella//Artemis//3305-12-10 - Finding the quary

One of my missions needed me to hunt down a known terrorist, known only as 'Clive'. To do so, I'd need to hack the data terminal of Cook Beacon, a settlement on Oluf 2 F. Since the Artemis didn't have an SRV on board, I had to call into Ayerdhal Port to swap out my collector limpet controller for one.

After infiltrating the compound, I found what I needed, but alerted the automated defence systems, having to fight my way out. I called Harmony to the pick-up point, then headed back for my collector limpet controller. Unfortunately, I hadn't realised that the area where I stored my controller module was allied to the terrorist cell.

My ships was fired on and disabled, with Harmony being killed when we were boarded. I was sent to ICZ ZK-X B1, but managed to bribe my way out of the facility on arrival. The loss of another crew member weighs heavily on me. I decided to complete the mission in her name. This incident has also made me heavily question the Empire and what they stand for.

I plotted my course for Findja, my target's last known position. I picked up his trail, but he'd moved on to Jera. I picked up his trail at Jera 7 D, and made my way there. Unfortunately, Clive knew I was tracking him. A Python, his, and an Eagle were waiting for me. They quickly overwhelmed my shields, and without fighter cover, I had to retreat. I went to Moore dock for repairs and to find another pilot.

I hired Eliza Fields, a trained fighter pilot, who managed to defend a medical convoy during the Cerberus Plague. The egotistical fool he was, Clive had remained where he was, picking off freighters. We headed back for a rematch.

Eliza proved an absolute devil in the cockpit. Next to none of her plasma shots missed, and combined with my own accelerator's, we made short work of CLive and his Python.

We headed to HR 8829 to complete the last three mission, and headed off to a destination. On the way, Gen Markus Endriss interdicted me. I submitted, launched Eliza, and we quicly dispatched his Fer-de-lance.

Next was J. Aabenhuus Sorensen, heading for HR 8829 3. Eliza and I made quick work of his Eagle. Lastly, it was Ed Tysoe, who was also quickly dispatched.
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