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Iplayagame / 12 Dec 3305
2 Days Logbook #2

Day one
I went to Schwann Port, the fatherhood's headquarters, and on the way i ran into a White Dwarf. a beautiful star. it was absolutely amazing and... very, very dangerous. i'm glad i stayed away from it because that thing could've torn my new ship apart easily.

i have finally arrived at Schwann Port, and it didn't look like much at first, just a normal station to me, it didn't have anything special on the outside, though as soon as i went inside... greenery. Plants, trees, flowers, grass. It was everywhere, and it was beautiful, i can easily see why the Fatherhood chose this as their home base, it looks amazing and has a very comfortable and calming atmosphere about it.

I joined the squadron and got a warm welcome from everyone, everyone there was greeting me and i really felt like i found a group of people i can work with for the forseeable future. One of these commanders showed me the ideal setup of components i can have on my explorer to get the maximum jump range so i can explore more and waste less fuel. I am now jumping from system to system to look for a station where i can get all these components.

I finally gathered all the components and the ship feels completely different, the ship is way faster than before, and i can jump more than twenty lightyears far! this setup is amazing, and i'll definitely play around with it some more, maybe... just maybe, i will be able to do a courier mission that takes me further away from everywhere else then i've ever been before... maybe i would even be able to leave the bubble for once. whatever i'm going to do, i look forward to it.

Day two
God dammit i knew there was a faster way to earn money than the endless grind of courier missions. I just found out how much planet surpace scanning can earn me. it's fucking insane the amount of money i've earned with it. I've gotten so much and am on the verge of buying a 5A frame shift drive so i can go further and earn A LOT of money, as soon as i do i will upgrade my ships modules and make it run even smoother than it already does, i might even buy a new ship, i don't know and i'm not sure though.

Commander Twitchy has invited me to go on her ship so i can see what black holes look like and how it looks to FSD from a neutron star, i got on her ship and... god it was beautiful, we even got to a ringed neutron star and it looked amazing, it's really special how such dangerous things can be so... beautiful. This sunday, we're going to do a mass jump from the neutron star and we'll stay behind to record it all, that's the one thing i can not wait for at all. I've seen Twitchy's recording of one she filmed before this and it looked amazing, just seeing all the ships fly off and the trails behind them... so amazing.
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