Logbook entry

Thrash Jordan / 13 Jan 3306
First thoughts. [13/01/3306]

Cmdr ThrashJordan (Callsign: Thrash)
Age: 29
Sex: Male
POB: Earth (Sol System)

So here's where we are. I'm not really sure where to begin with this. Kind of like the first day out into the black after receiving my license from the Pilots Fed just over a month ago. The whole experience has been overwhelming but exciting, from auto launching the Sidewinder for the first time to landing on a Guardian ruin and having to figure out their ancient mysteries, every jump, pip change and weapon deployment has been thrilling.

The first few weeks have been spent discovering and learning the ropes of the galaxy. Usual newbie pilot stuff. The most recent developments have been Guardian tech and unlocking engineers. This feels like the progression path most pilots take as taking the time to find the engineers and resources to upgrade the modules of a ship really does improve any aspect of the flying experience. If anyone reads this and hasn't done so yet, I highly recommend doing the above.

Yesterday I was accepted into a squadron. From what I've seen our philosophies line up and they look like a good group to fly with. Today will be spent moving all assets over to their influence of space and help out the local efforts. Hopefully, find some like-minded pilots to fly with, space is space. There's an abundance of it and it gets lonely.

Long term goals are to work towards the larger ships. I've been grinding my way through the Federation ranks in hopes of flying a Corvette and then an Anaconda for exploration so I can make my mark on the galaxy. I think that will be it for this entry. I'm looking forward to logging my thoughts and the sights I've seen and sharing them with whoever wants to know about them.

Even with all the discoveries in the galaxy I still can't shake my Earth-like vices. I guess that's why they put a coffee machine in the Krait. I'm going to finish my coffee and smoke some weed before take off.

Fly fun, o7.

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