Logbook entry

Captain Sithu / 13 Jan 3306
Victory Draws Near (cont.)

It is currently the 13th of January, of the year 3306. We are still at war.

The Harvest is performing beautifully under the stress of all this combat in Chamunda. While any Commander can pilot an Anaconda like her, I'm starting to feel as if the Harvest has a soul of her own. I'm sure any Commander would say the same about their own vessels, but this ship is starting to become special to me.

While we're on the subject of the war, and the vessels fighting in the name of either side, it seems as if LOAN will emerge victorious. Tomorrow is the deciding day; one that will no doubt go down in history, no matter the outcome. This war has been fierce, albeit breif.

My standing with the RPC has fallen drastically and as a result, I am no longer allowed to dock at Gidzenko ring while it is controlled by the RPC. It matters not, of course. There are plenty of systems with stations of their own that would be thrilled to help me repair, refuel, or restock my ammunition. It seems most of these places aren't too keen on the RPC either. Another interesting development, I guess.

Even though our victory seems imminent, I think again for no less than the third time in the past two days about what I will do once the war is won. I've been trying to figure out a good route to plan, and where to finish. I've been honored to have several experienced explorers consult with me on my upcoming journey, which will consist of a journey of no less than 5,000 light years.

The hardest part is, of course, where to go? It seems as if the neutron highway leans more towards the left side of the galaxy. Do many people travel to the right?

By "left" and "right", I am of course referring to locations from my own point of view, which is Chamunda.

I'll be plotting my own neutron highway this time. Byaa Theia VT-Z D13-60, my destination, is only 5,500 light years away from our little bubble, but it seems like a good spot to dig my exploration claws in. Perhaps I will come back after that, and go on a journey to the great Colonia by myself this time. Either way, when I return to Chamunda from my first voyage, I don't expect to have the answer to all of my questions. Nor do I expect to find the thing that will define my existence.

Perhaps I will spend the rest of my life searching for it, but never actually finding it.

Only time will tell.

-Captain Sithu
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