Logbook entry

Annika Cuvier / 14 Jan 3306
Working with Whitetips

Well, it's been a while.

I went on a nice trip from the Bubble to Colonia, to that system I discovered (at which I finally scanned all the planets and moons, plastering my name all over it), and then to Sagittarius A*.

The return trip was a bit rocky, but I discovered some wonderful earth-likes on the way and successfully returned to the Bubble, handing my metric ton of data in at Iben Dock in Pirigen.

Whitetip Operations seems to be a nice independent faction. They have political views I can really get along with, and with the election going on in Pirigen I'm glad my data is helpful to them!
Here's hoping they can pull off a win. I'm enjoying working with them and if they manage to control their home system better, that'll be good for all.

At the same time, I've finally reached Explorer Elite! Now to just finish off trade, then I can focus my efforts on my combat ranking.
Hopefully I won't have too much trouble. Getting used to fighting pirates in my Anaconda is proving to be fun at least~
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