Logbook entry

Bruce Coldrum / 16 Jan 3306

Yesterday, I got robbed. All the mugs, all the damn gin, all gone. Four pirates jumped me as my Supercruise assist system malfunctioned and dumped me into an asteroid field. I lingered for too long and four pirates shot me up good. Only after I dumped all my cargo did they leave me be. I think I passed out after that from all the action. Woke up in a nearby station, quite a few credits lighter. Something involving insurance. Ah well, I am still around it seems, and so is the Daedalus.

I flew a few missions back to Sirius Corp space, but without my precious cargo, there was no point in continuing to more inhabited systems. So, today I punched Maia into the nav computer.

I am sitting in a remote station right now, after several jumps towards my goal. My next destination will be one of the Wolf systems. At least there are some inhabited systems to be found. I try to map as much of the uninhabited systems as I can in between, and that brings in a pretty penny. I can almost pay twice my insurance now, yippee. I hope the suits don't come back, damn vultures. Also, a pirate pulled me out of FSD today, only to conclude my cargo bay was empty, and leave. Had he attacked, I would have bit back. This ship IS armed and not completely defenseless, after all. Four pirates in one go, though, I hope not to see that again. Maia is days away, even flying full FTL. I just hope to make it there in one piece...
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