Logbook entry

Kris Afron / 17 Jan 3306
Log 009 - Formidine Rift Run

The last two days travel have been an exhausting grind. Since leaving Point Decision I've been tormented with having to make so many boosted FSD jumps just to get through a very sparse region of space. So I've had to navigate by the seat of my pants one jump at a time, finding a star that is suitable to get to with a premium jump and doing the jump, then repeat. I haven't counted how many it took, but I do know that it took a lot of time.

It was, luckily, plain flying once I'd got to Hypoe Hypue RF-1 c25-0 and the jumping reverted back to normal. I got a good view of Barnard's Loop from a different angle and then also recognised the Crab Nebula where I was heading too.

One jump away from Station X and the Crab expanded to nearly fill the view. A spectacular view as well, I've seen pictures of this on Galnet, but actually being this close is something to behold.

Once I'd docked at Station X (an asteroid base) I got refuelled and repaired. Then I sold my cartographic data and netted a tidy 316 mil credits - it kinda makes these trips worthwhile. I'd picked up plenty of undiscovered systems since I left the Zurara as well. Not much going on at Station X, only two factions and no missions to speak of, not that I could have done one anyway in the DBX without cargo space. Anyway I managed to get away from the ship for a night, found a friendly bar, got a hot meal and drank the evening away with some fellow travellers. I'm well rested now and ready to make the push for the bubble and home, only 7000ly to go.

An additional bonus is that I reached and exceeded 500,000 ly total travel during this jaunt so I can set a new goal of 1,000,000 ly (could take another year or more).

CMDR Kris Afron signing off. Fly safely commanders.
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