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Turkish / 25 Jan 3306


Orion Expedition - Log - 002 - CMDR_Turkish.

Mission Start Point:  Betelgeuse

Mission Release Point: Stuemeae FG-Y d7561 (Explorer's Anchorage)

Total Estimated Total Distance: Circa 117,000.00 ly

Ship:  Stargazer (Krait Phantom)

Current Heading:  Flyiedgae HZ-A b45-3 to Floasly AJ-N b12-4

Distance:  7,597.05 ly

Week: 2

.....Begin Transmission

DTG:  3306-01-19 20:00

Location:  Flyiedgae HZ-A b45-3

The meeting point is starting to liven up in the lead up to the meeting time.  Its been great to see them and hearing their stories of the last week.  Although this place could be mistaken for an Anaconda forecourt there were some smaller ships around.  I cant help but feel that this has come at a good time in the expedition, just as the feeling of loneliness really starts to set in this was a real boost of moral!

There was of course opportunity to fill the time with some activities, the first of which was a SRV race, Cmdr Yanick marking the finish line I gave it my all!  I was off to a good start in at least the top 3, this is cool i thinks...not hard at all....then the terrain started to steepen.....i went for the obvious option, POWER!!!!!  Safe to say wasn't the wisest of decisions as i bounced from rock to rock hill to hill, side ways on my roof and who knows what else.  Thankfully there was a recovery fighter on hand to assist me back to the ship.

There was also a chance to watch some Ship Salsa, this is a first for me.  But the dancers put in a real performance!

The time had come however to pack up the site and say our farewells, time to refocus the mind for another week in the black.  No one would ever admit it but you could see the emotion in the faces.  We can only hope that everybody makes it to the next way-point in good order and we can again share the tails of exploration.

Out to super-cruise we go and with eager sound of honking the countdown begins....3....2.....1.....boom, and off into the darkness.

FSS, Check.  DSS, Check, temperatures stable, head back in the game.  Taking it 1 week at a time.

*Departure image compliments of CMDR Damon Forbes


Transmission Resumed:

DTG:  3306-01-21 21:18

Location:  Flyue Eaescs NL-T c5-18

Well it didnt take long for the black to deliver, just when your are feeling a little down this place has the habit of really throwing you a bone and reminds you why you are here!  A ringed Water World grabbed my attention intitially, I head over with DSS charged ready to take a closer look.

Quite impressive, but catching my eye just before I charge the FSD.  A ringed Gas giant with a really close orbiting rocky body,  so close in fact it could be mistaken for part of the ring!  I head in for a closer look and head to a Geo sight i tagged on the approach.  A truly stunning view, the asteroid ring fly past, so close you could almost touch it!

After the first few systems had been pre-discovered I have decided to head a little  higher on the galactic plain.  If it keeps bringing little gems like this it will be interesting indeed.


Transmission Resumed:

DTG:  3306-01-24 16:57

Location:  Pra Eaewsy HM-N b39-1

As I jump into the system and pull up for the Star i was caused to take immidiate avoiding action.  An orbiting planet very close to the main start was litterally staring me in the face.  I have to go take a look at this little guy and what his surface may have to offer.

A very warm but comfortable landing and I am greeted with some Silicate Vapour Fumarole, these guys were rich with material as well!  I spent some time collecting some materials under the blazing watchful eye of the star above, at just under 1G down here the SRV literally eats up the relatively flat terrain as well.


Transmission Resumed:

DTG:  3306-01-24 16:57

Location:  Zejoo TZ-O e6-8

A small detour sees me head towards the Zejoo Nebula. I spotted it out the side window whilst moving through the systems, I am out this far so hey might as well.  I took a small stop short in order to get a nice snap with the whole Nebula in one shot then boooosh straight through the middle and into the darkness of the Nebula itself.


Transmission Resumed:

DTG:  3306-01-24 18:54

Location:  Zejoo DV-E c28-20

A quite remarkable system with no less than 9 Rocky Worlds with 7 boasting Geo and Bio sites, some of them both even.  I have chosen to take a small break at A1 A which boasts 5 Bio sites.  This one took my interest as not only was i greeted by a large spread of Bark Mounds, it was cast under the shadow of a Blue Gas Giant which in turn was dwarfed by the Zejoo Nebula.  Just a shame it wasn't under daylight to really brighten the horizon but you cant have everything.


Transmission Resumed:

DTG:  3306-01-25 14:25

Location:  Floasly NS-A d1-70

Only 4 jumps out from the WP3 meeting location and a small stop for a rest.  Took Stargazer down on a small rocky body that provided significant Geo sites.  This one in particular housing Silicate Vapour Gas Vents and provides an opportunity for some Material Collection.  Things have seemed a little rushed up until this point so I am taking the opportunity to do some administration around this ship....there is rubbish everywhere!!


Transmission Resumed:

DTG:  3306-01-25 15:52

Location:  Floasly AJ-N b12-4

Cmdr Turkish, Way-point 3 has been reached.  Touch down on Body C 2 Successful - Visibility is good - conducted stop short IVO Geo site 5.  Running diagnostics and auto repair program - Nothing Further to Report.

CMDR Fenderbelly pulls in not far behind me, i suspect he has been here a while though, he was closely followed by CMDR Madasp who took a short stop before heading down into the bowl of Geo Site 5.  No opportunity to greet him at the moment due to ongoing processes.  I will still look to take a small trip over to the original WP3 to discover the Green Giant before returning here in time for tomorrows meet up.


Transmission Resumed:

DTG:  3306-01-25 20:22

Location:  Floasly TE-X d2-25

A quick jump over to the original WP 3 just to take a look at the Floasly Glowing Green Giant.  Never seen one of these before and one of the locations i was looking forward to vising on route.  Only a small stop though before getting back over to the WP.

This last week has really flown by.  The distance was alot less than the first week though so it has been a very relaxed week..  I am looking forward to the WP bustling with activity tomorrow evening and that weekly boost of moral.  Until then it is time to rest.  Week 2 done.

Until next week, CMDR Turkish - Out - o7

End of Transmission
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