Logbook entry

Captain Sithu / 19 Jan 3306
The War is Lost

It is currently the 19th of January, of the year 3306. The war is over.

I apologize for not creating any logbook entries since last we spoke, dear reader, but things have not been looking good, conquest-wise.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have lost the civil war for Chamunda. The RPC has secured victory in the sleaziest way possible. Even now, I still don't understand how it happened. This outcome is something I hoped would not happen, but was prepared for if it did.

The Harvest is weary from both the war and our journeys throughout the stars. I do intend, at some point in the near future, to retrace our footsteps out into deep space. Our target this time is Morgan's Rock, and the system in which the station resides. It's a nice place to stop and rest.

This time, I made sure to outfit the Harvest with a surface scanner. I'm still kicking myself for not having it with me on our last voyage, but the past cannot be changed. If anything, I should relish the chance to head out there again, if only to rediscover that which I have already found.

My questions, which mostly remain unanswered, still carry weight. I have answers for a few of them, but I must continue forward. For now, Morgan's Rock. For later, everything else. I suppose I'll see you among the stars, dear reader.

-Captain Sithu
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