Logbook entry

Bruce Coldrum / 22 Jan 3306

Yesterday I made it back from Maia in one piece. The starmaps I gathered made me a nice bonus, that alone was worth it!

I visited Farseeer immediately to drop off the meta alloys she requested. I was informed by her that she could work on my rig immediately if I so wanted, and I simply agreed, having nothing planned after a weeks trek into the unknown.

Turns out, I had to pick the modifications and combine them with the parts I had brought. Thank goodness my curiosity drove me to pick up stuff along the way here!

As a result I now have a modified FSD that boots really fast (useful when dodging unwanted guests!), clean thrusters that run much more efficient, and several upgrades that increase survive-ability and lower heating. Good stuff!

I got test my new engines immediately as I took up a few delivery missions to a nearby system, during which I was interdicted by a couple of very nasty individuals. The second one I managed to outrun, but the first picked a fight with me. It seems the Daedalus can definitely defend itself as my autocannons ripped through the guys hull after my burst lasers took out his shield. I made a nice bonus on the side with the bounty involved, as well.

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