Logbook entry

Bruce Coldrum / 24 Jan 3306

Yesterday I set out on a new journey after upgrading my FSD drive to a grade A drive. Granted, I had to give up my fast boot sequence, but that was a small price to pay for the impressive increased jump range. I also replaced my power generator, to make sure I can still run everything on board smoothly. The only concern here is the reactors weight, as it adds to the mass and therefore lowers the jump range. I figure that if I put in a lighter reactor and somehow have it modified to overclock, I'd get the power I need at a fraction of the mass. Something to consider for the future.

The new Journey through the Col 285 systems towards HIP 49355 has brought many surprises so far. I was the first to map a Metal Content world in one of the systems, for instance, and I landed there to collect some very interesting metal and crystal samples in my SRV, some of which I had never collected before. I also managed to get the SRV stuck, and discovered what that vertical thruster button under the plastic safety cover does. I roughly slammed me into the surface after a quick squirt up, but the rover held and at least it unstuck me!
Furthermore, I discovered life (but not as we know it!) on two planets, one a water-world of significant size, the other a gas giant. Who knew life could exist in a gas giant filled with ammonia! I tried mapping all the discoveries on the route so far, leaving only the small ice worlds untouched.

I hope to reach HIP 49355 somewhere in the coming days. From there I will plot a course to a different system near the bubble, maximizing my mapped route potential and eventually hoping to cash in on exploration data. With all the materials I will gather along the way I should have no problems upgrading my new engine to increase its range...
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