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Damon Forbes / 26 Jan 3306
Orion - Week 2 (Damon Forbes)

Initialisation Sequence........ 100%


The Orion Expedition
The 116,826.66 Lightyear journey through the Orion-Perseus Conflux.
Ship: The Explorca (Orca)

Current Location: Flyiedgae HZ-A B45-3
Next Waypoint: Floasly AJ-N B12-4

Commence Logbook

Date: 19-01-3306 | Day 1

Today was our first waypoint of the journey. Although having only split off from one another for a mere week, space has it's own definition of time. It's as if each short hyper-space jump, ages you longer than you would expect.
It was really nice hearing everyone's experiences of their journey out in the dark, black, lonely galaxy. After everyone assembled, we had our fun showing off our ships, racing in our SRV's, and some even deployed their Ship Launched Fighters.

It was a memorable night! Alas, all good things come to an end, just like this night did. We had a few more laughs, said our goodbyes, and we took off for our next leg of the journey.

After jumping in to the next system, I looked at my fellow shipmate, my Navigations Chief, Cmdr Pidgeonn. Earlier, we had decided to re-code our navigation systems, per suggestion of Cmdr Pidgeonn. As Cmdr Pidgeonn is dead set on making this a lucrative journey, he wanted to get started on this right away! We settled down in the FLYUE EAESCS EG-U B21-1 system, on a little moon of one of the 2 binary gas giants.

Date: 20-01-3306 | Day 2
After long rest, system analysis, and fuel checks, we set off on the journey to the next waypoint. Cmdr Pidgeonn has completed his re-coding, but only time will tell if it is worth the hassle. Enfin, I plot in the next waypoint, and the system goes to work. Albeit it being a little slower, it finds a route for us. 85 Jumps, wow this Orca is something. That's not far at all!

The first jump to system FLYUE EAESCS HM-H C12-7 already seems to confirm our beliefs. These alterations to the navigation systems will produce us some more interesting systems. We found our first Terraformable waterworld of the day in the first jump already!
After a few more jumps, we  have stumbled on system Flyue Eaescs OP-D d13-119. This system is very unique! 3 water worlds (1 of which is terraformable), an earthlike world, and 3 terraformable high-metal-content worlds! WOW! Pidgeonn informs me that this is indeed quite the valuable find!
After what seems like an eternity, we completed our mapping process. After all, we do want those sweet galactic credits! Beer isn't cheap these days, oh how I would love a beer right about now, too bad we left that fridge compartment at the station
As we progress towards our destination, we find 2 more earth-like worlds on the way! But the time has come, we are reaching our next waypoint, and way ahead of schedule as well!

Time for the final jump to the waypoint!
"Frame shift drive charging..."

I hear the spooling of our engines, the creaking of our light-weight metal hull as we fly through the galaxy at hyper-speed. The, what first seemed distant, stars whizzing passed me quicker than the blink of an eye. Still amazed by how far we have come with our technology. Suddenly, WOOSH I hear the all-too familiar sound of the ship exiting it's hyper-jump, everything suddenly comes to a stop.
Knowing something is wrong, my first reaction is to jerk the throttle back to 0% as fast as I can. I look in front of me... nothing. Yet I still feel the ship flying forward. Suddenly I hear the sound of my Frame Shift Drive shutting down, I feel the ship turn and rattle in all directions at once. There it is, the POW of the ship being thrown out of super-cruise. Then it dawned on me, we jumped into a Black Hole. The ship comes to a stop, I check our systems, everything seems fine. Some minor damage, but nothing too substantial, the FSD is a bit cooked but it's cooling down again. I turn towards Pidgeonn for advice, and he gives me a puzzled look in return. Scrambling in the navigations systems he finds where we are. Stueloo AA-A h89, a system centered around a black hole, with 55 solar masses! No wonder our ship got sucked in. We quickly jump to the next system, hoping not to encounter something like this again. We find a barren little rocky body we can land on. Still in shock and slightly trembling, we make do with this barren place and set down for the night. It's been a long day. Time to give our systems a good comb-over.

Date: 21-01-3306 | Day 3

Today was a peaceful day. Spending most of the day working on ship repairs, we spend the remainder of the day plotting our course to the waypoint. The correct system this time. Pidgeonn assures me, that this shall not happen again! Not long after taking off do we discover a beautiful gas giant. It's almost as if it has tried to camouflage itself inside of it's rings, it's almost too perfect.  We deploy our camera drones to take some good pictures, this is going on a wall! Maybe we'll fetch some credits with our artwork, who knows.

Nearing the end of our day, we jump into one of our last systems. What's this? It seems like the planet orbiting this star, has crumbled under the pressure and formed an asteroid ring around the star. We just have to get in close for a better look. Just astonishing! The way the asteroids reflect the light from the star. It's a good thing our Orca is equipped with a very protective windshield, dampening the light enough so that we can look with our bare eyes.

These asteroids sure do make me miss home, I just want to get out the old mining lasers and collect some minerals. Imagine how lucrative these untouched asteroids must be! No point now though, we can't afford to slug that much weight around.
It's been another long day of exploring, and we touch down on another barren rocky body. I should really have a talk with Cmdr Pidgeonn about that, he is not very good and finding beautiful rest areas. I guess I have plenty of time to figure out my approach to that before we're back home. I'll just let it sit on the back burner for now. As we land, Pidgeonn informs me that we have not had enough exercise on this journey, and should plan our next day as an R&R. Time to open the on-board gym, and spend a day on this lonely planet.

Date: 23-01-3306 | Day 5

Pidgeonn was right, that R&R break was well-needed, and well-deserved. We had hit the gym first thing that morning, it felt good to get some actual movement back in my body, besides my arms controlling the ships movements. Having the day off was like having our own fuel scoop. But another day later, and we must get going again. So we set off, back on course for the next waypoint. It again seems like a long time since we have left our previous waypoint. Time sure goes slow in space. We jump from system to system, mapping every valuable planet we come across. Another earth-like, jackpot!

Eventually taking a moment to appreciate our latest find. In the system Floasly EM-T D4-41, we found a most peculiar planet. A tidally locked, ringed, volcanic, landable, terraformable HMC! What a mouth full, this isn't something you find every day. We quickly map it, and take a look around the iron magma geysers. "It's still only worth less than 2 million!" exclaimed Pidgeonn, anxiously wanting to get on with the journey. I look at the time, oh my, better spend the night on this planet now that we're landed anyways! It doesn't take long to convince Pidgeonn that getting some shut-eye would be a good idea.

Date: 24-01-3306 | Day 6

"Today is the day we'll finally make the waypoint!" I said to Pidgeonn, as we sat at the breakfast table.
I look at the navigations panel, waiting for Cmdr Pidgeonn to update it to our route of the day. It loads in quick, only 15 jumps to go! That's including a little stop at the runner-up system for this waypoint. Off we go, still using Pidgeonn's formula for high-value targets. "Ka-Ching!!" exclaims Pidgeonn, "our 100th water world!"
We reach the runner up system, Floasly TE-X d2-25. The green giant inhabiting this system immediately caught our attention. What a beauty! Time to deploy the camera drones again, and get some nice pictures for on the wall. We manage to position ourselves so that the light from the star mixes in with the green of the gas giant, creating a beautiful mix of colors!

Taking a few minutes to get all the readings back from our probes, we admire this big green ball of beauty, and make our way towards our final jump of the journey.
Arriving in the system, we find out it's still quite a flight over to the destination planet. I don't mind though, our ship already has it's exploration scratches, the paint can't possibly get any worse than it already is.
Quite some time later, we arrive at the destination, we did it! Though it's been a fun journey, I'm glad to touch down, and catch some rest before the rest of the commanders get here. We'll need all the energy we can muster to win whatever games we play during the meetup.

Ending Logbook.... Saved

Weekly Earnings ReportTM Cmdr Pidgeonn (WER)
Jumps: 387
Distance: 19,831 LY
Earnings: ~900mil after bonus
Ammonia Worlds: 5
Earth-like worlds: 5
Class V GG: 2
High Metal Content: 647
Water Worlds: 38
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