Logbook entry

Bruce Coldrum / 05 Feb 3306

After giving the Daedalus her final FSD upgrade for the time being, I left Farseer Inc. for another expedition, this time to the 'bottom' of our galaxy. I think I feel like many of the early sub mariners must have felt, taking their ship down into the dark of the unknown, far below everything they held dear. Except for the fact, of course, that my hull won't be crushed by water going 'too deep'. Other dangers lurk, however, that is certain.

It's been quite the trip so far, with beautiful vistas and some good use of the composition scanner on the SRV, which I have finally gotten to work. Apparently I confirmed a few earlier readings by other commanders and got a reward waiting for me because of it. Didn't expect that! the Codex is slowly filling up with more firsts, which is nice, as it feeds my sense of wonder as well as accomplishment.

The new paintjob looks wonderful. It's a bit more plain with the white and blue, but it suits me just fine. Daedalus had earned it after the last trip.

I plan to take the vessel all the way down the planned route, then cut 'sideways' for a sector or two, and head back up, see what I can find along the way. The ship is in pristine condition, so we should be fine. The only worry isn't a real worry: my SRV needs refueling. But I can probably synth that from some of the stuff I gathered.

So far, so good...
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