Logbook entry

R-sassman / 12 Feb 3306
The quest for credits Day 2

I have decided to call this trip the Quest for cash All further entrys on the trip will be titled as such.

Our next stop is Ross 640 then on to complete day 2 at LHS 2522.

IN route to ross 640 scanning systems along the way, we enterd the active system of LHS 6309 where we started to detect high grade emmisions near the white dwarf star. After collecting what we could from the emmision site we found 2 very high value plannets to investagate as well. We spent the better part of 2 hours here conducting scans and analyzing data, setting us a bit behind schedule.

After finishing the system scan we headed out and arrived at Ross 640. Nothing here but a quick system D-Scan And a fast ffs scan before lunch.

After lunch we continued on with our days flight plan. The next few systems we encountered were uneventful. A few d-scans an fss scan or 2 turned up nothing of intrest, until we reached Styx. While surveying  the system we drifted into range of a transport being attacked. We along with security forces were able to rescue the transport. We did gather some materials that will be of use to us in the future as well.

We continued into Dhana where after scanning the system were able to make some minor repairs as well as upgrades to the ship. Finaly we reached our destination for this leg. LHS2522. A large system. We did find some Salvagable wreckade here and salved the debris  befor conducting the system scans. We are currently in orbit of LHS 2522 4 the Large gas Giant. We will remain here for the night, while in orbit we will see about further repairs to the ship as well.

LTT 18046 49.3 light years out, is our planned destination for day 3. which will conclude the 4th leg of the trip.

Captain out.
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