Minor factions

Faction nameAllegianceGovernment
Future of Pichi WangIndependentDemocracy
Future of PicuniIndependentDemocracy
Future of PijaoFederationDemocracy
Future of PoqomchiFederationDemocracy
Future of PotriIndependentDemocracy
Future of PurunsiFederationDemocracy
Future of Qi GongziIndependentDemocracy
Future of Qi Yun CechIndependentDemocracy
Future of RangurIndependentDemocracy
Future of RegiraFederationDemocracy
Future of RegnensesFederationDemocracy
Future of ReretIndependentDemocracy
Future of Ross 199FederationDemocracy
Future of Ross 447IndependentDemocracy
Future of SagartiaciIndependentDemocracy
Future of SaharishFederationDemocracy
Future of SakaraIndependentDemocracy
Future of SalibiIndependentDemocracy
Future of SamonIndependentDemocracy
Future of San Neb XocFederationDemocracy
Future of SeginusIndependentDemocracy
Future of SegovanFederationDemocracy
Future of ShonessaIndependentDemocracy
Future of ShoribeluIndependentDemocracy
Future of SippidiIndependentDemocracy
Future of SirenFederationDemocracy
Future of Smethells 119IndependentDemocracy
Future of SotherFederationDemocracy
Future of SukuruacoIndependentDemocracy
Future of SumodIndependentDemocracy
Future of SuttonensesFederationDemocracy
Future of SvariIndependentDemocracy
Future of SynteiniIndependentDemocracy
Future of TaillaIndependentDemocracy
Future of TawetesIndependentDemocracy
Future of Te UiraFederationDemocracy
Future of ThadakhaIndependentDemocracy
Future of TorngitaFederationDemocracy
Future of UdegociAllianceDemocracy
Future of UellianoIndependentDemocracy
Future of UmaitAllianceDemocracy
Future of VafthruvaIndependentDemocracy
Future of VaizdikoFederationDemocracy
Future of VashisIndependentDemocracy
Future of VerathaFederationDemocracy
Future of VucastoIndependentDemocracy
Future of WababaIndependentDemocracy
Future of WalpiriIndependentDemocracy
Future of WapisIndependentDemocracy
Future of WatiloFederationDemocracy
Future of WiliaFederationDemocracy
Future of WISE 1800+0134FederationDemocracy
Future of Wolf 1003FederationDemocracy
Future of WurangoIndependentDemocracy
Future of Xamen EkFederationDemocracy
Future of Xi OphiuchiFederationDemocracy
Future of Ye'kuapeFederationDemocracy
Future of YinjianIndependentDemocracy
Future of ZagoroIndependentDemocracy
Future of Zary OranyFederationDemocracy
Future of ZeesszeFederationDemocracy
Future of ZenufangweFederationDemocracy
Future of Zeta FornacisIndependentDemocracy
Future of Zeta PictorisIndependentDemocracy
Fyrly DomainIndependentFeudal
Fyrly IncIndependentCorporate
G 107-65 PartnershipFederationConfederacy
G 108-26 GroupFederationCorporate
G 108-26 Silver RatsIndependentAnarchy
G 109-55 & CoFederationCorporate
G 109-55 SocietyIndependentAnarchy
G 109-55 SolutionIndependent---
G 109-55 SolutionsFederationCorporate
G 113-20 NoblesIndependentFeudal
G 113-20 Silver ElectronicsFederationCorporate
G 116-72 ClanIndependentAnarchy
G 116-72 SolutionsIndependentCorporate
G 121-8 Gold BrothersIndependentAnarchy
G 121-8 IndustryAllianceCorporate
G 121-8 Netcoms LtdAllianceCorporate
G 122-60 Jet RatsIndependentAnarchy
G 122-60 Liberty PartyIndependentDictatorship
G 122-60 SolutionsAllianceCorporate
G 123-16 Crimson Universal ServAllianceCorporate
G 123-16 Pro-Alliance GroupAlliancePatronage
G 123-16 SystemsIndependentCorporate
G 123-49 CoordinatedAllianceCooperative
G 123-49 Gold RingIndependentAnarchy
G 123-49 Purple Dynamic IndustryIndependentCorporate
G 123-7 CartelIndependentAnarchy
G 123-7 CorporationAllianceCorporate
G 123-7 MonarchyAllianceFeudal
G 123-7 SolutionsIndependentCorporate
G 123-7 Worker's PartyAllianceCommunism
G 125-30 Comms OrganisationFederationCorporate
G 126-31 for EqualityFederationDemocracy
G 126-31 Purple Federal OrgFederationCorporate
G 126-31 RaidersIndependentAnarchy
G 130-9 Blue Transport IndustryFederationCorporate
G 130-9 LabourIndependentDemocracy
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