Minor factions

Faction nameAllegianceGovernment
KZ Andromedae Bridge CompanyIndependentCorporate
KZ Andromedae Bridge PartyIndependent---
KZ Andromedae FocusIndependentDictatorship
KZ Andromedae Republic PartyFederationDemocracy
L 119-33 Natural IncorporatedFederationCorporate
L 119-33 Silver OrganisationIndependentAnarchy
L 119-33 United CoFederationCorporate
L 12-19 CartelIndependentAnarchy
L 12-19 Co-opIndependentCooperative
L 12-19 General HoldingsEmpireCorporate
L 12-40 Blue Power CorporationEmpireCorporate
L 12-40 Crimson RingIndependentAnarchy
L 12-40 Empire LeagueEmpirePatronage
L 12-40 Silver Comms PartnersIndependentCorporate
L 170-63 DragonsIndependentAnarchy
L 170-63 Empire LeagueEmpirePatronage
L 170-63 ExchangeEmpireCorporate
L 170-63 OrganisationEmpireCorporate
L 190-21 Corp.FederationCorporate
L 190-21 ExchangeFederationCorporate
L 190-21 FlagIndependentDictatorship
L 190-21 Justice PartyIndependentDictatorship
L 206-187 Jet Central NetworkFederationCorporate
L 206-187 ResistanceFederationDemocracy
L 214-72 DragonsIndependentAnarchy
L 214-72 Life SystemsEmpireCorporate
L 258-146 Federal PLCIndependentCorporate
L 258-146 SyndicateIndependentAnarchy
L 258-146 Values PartyFederationDemocracy
L 26-27 Netcoms OrganisationFederationCorporate
L 26-27 Progressive PartyFederationDemocracy
L 26-27 Purple SyndicateIndependentAnarchy
L 286-71 CouncilIndependentAnarchy
L 286-71 ExchangeEmpireCorporate
L 286-71 ServicesEmpireCorporate
L 639-45 Blue Comms LtdFederationCorporate
L 639-45 ConservativesIndependentDictatorship
L 639-45 Gold PiratesIndependentAnarchy
L 639-45 LtdIndependentCorporate
L 93-11 as oneIndependentCooperative
L 93-11 MobIndependentAnarchy
L 93-11 MonarchyEmpireFeudal
L 93-11 United LimitedIndependentCorporate
L.Y.S Corp. [player]EmpireCorporate
La Guardia Hispana [player]IndependentDemocracy
La Rochelle Blue Netcoms CoIndependentCorporate
La Rochelle SyndicateIndependentAnarchy
La Te Ti OrganisationIndependentAnarchy
La Te Ti Purple Electronics CorpIndependentCorporate
La Te Ti Regulatory StateIndependentDictatorship
La Tenha NationalistsIndependentDictatorship
La Tenha Travel SystemsFederationCorporate
La Thixo Universal IncorporatedIndependentCorporate
Labe IncorporatedIndependentCorporate
Labe RingIndependentAnarchy
Labe State HoldingsFederationCorporate
Labed General LtdIndependentCorporate
Labed LeagueFederationConfederacy
Labed PiratesIndependentAnarchy
Labera Crimson Electronics IndEmpireCorporate
Labera Silver OrganisationIndependentAnarchy
Labor of 70 VirginisAllianceDemocracy
Labor of MorsIndependentDemocracy
Labor of PolahukunaIndependentDemocracy
Labour of 11 AquilaeFederationDemocracy
Labour of 25 d2 CancriFederationDemocracy
Labour of 41 Gamma SerpentisFederationDemocracy
Labour of 42 AquilaeFederationDemocracy
Labour of 52 Psi Ursae MajorisIndependentDemocracy
Labour of 64 ArietisIndependentDemocracy
Labour of 70 OphiuchiFederationDemocracy
Labour of 70 VirginisAllianceDemocracy
Labour of 80 e PisciumFederationDemocracy
Labour of Ac YariuIndependentDemocracy
Labour of AcaneFederationDemocracy
Labour of AchaliIndependentDemocracy
Labour of AdachitIndependentDemocracy
Labour of AlmudjaraIndependentDemocracy
Labour of Alpha CaeliIndependentDemocracy
Labour of AngakutasaFederationDemocracy
Labour of AnhualmIndependentDemocracy
Labour of AntanyamaiIndependentDemocracy
Labour of AnticuloskIndependentDemocracy
Labour of AnukasIndependentDemocracy
Labour of AnurinjungIndependentDemocracy
Labour of Any NaFederationDemocracy
Labour of ArdiaeiIndependentDemocracy
Labour of ArinasIndependentDemocracy
Labour of ArmFederationDemocracy
Labour of ArtumesFederationDemocracy
Labour of AruguIndependentDemocracy
Labour of AsuratiIndependentDemocracy
Labour of AsviniaFederationDemocracy
Labour of AsviniciIndependentDemocracy
Labour of AtaciangirFederationDemocracy
Labour of AttacatesIndependentDemocracy
Labour of AvalonIndependentDemocracy
Labour of AzraelIndependentDemocracy
Labour of BactribIndependentDemocracy
Labour of BagaruIndependentDemocracy
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