Li Yong-Rui

“With enough data we can predict almost anything.”
- Li Yong-Rui - CEO Sirius Gov
Controlled systems:
Exploited systems:
Systems total:

Controlled systems

SystemEconomy  Government  Dist  
64 CetiIndustrial/ExtractionCorporate---
ApadecaviHigh Tech/RefineryCorporate---
BD+43 866Agriculture/ExtractionCorporate---
BD+49 1280Agriculture/IndustrialDemocracy---
BD-15 447Industrial/RefineryCorporate---
G 35-15Agriculture/IndustrialDemocracy---
Gliese 9106Industrial/ColonyCorporate---
HIP 13291Terraforming/RefineryDemocracy---
HIP 13644Industrial/MilitaryDemocracy---
HIP 14886ServiceConfederacy---
HIP 16529IndustrialDemocracy---
HIP 20577Refinery/ExtractionCorporate---
HIP 20935Terraforming/IndustrialCorporate---
HIP 6978Agriculture/TourismDemocracy---
HIP 9989Industrial/RefineryPatronage---
HR 1254Agriculture/IndustrialDemocracy---
IxHigh Tech/RefineryCorporate---
KP TauriIndustrial/RefineryDemocracy---
Lalande 4141Agriculture/ColonyCorporate---
Lalande 4268Industrial/ExtractionDictatorship---
Lei ChernaRefinery/ExtractionDemocracy---
LembavaHigh Tech/RefineryCorporate---
LHS 1228Industrial/RefineryDemocracy---
LHS 1743IndustrialCorporate---
LP 295-2Industrial/RefineryDemocracy---
LP 355-65Industrial/ExtractionCorporate---
LTT 11478Agriculture/ExtractionCorporate---
MET 20Agriculture/TourismDemocracy---
Momus ReachColony/High TechDemocracy---
Qi YomisiiHigh Tech/RefineryCorporate---
Shana BeiAgriculture/IndustrialDemocracy---
T'ien MuIndustrial/ExtractionCorporate---
V774 TauriExtraction/RefineryCorporate---

Exploitation impact and rewards

GeneralAll factional Influence decreases, but more so for Federation & Empire
Weapon: Pack-hound Missile Rack [Launches salvo of ‘drunken’ seeker missiles]
Controlled systems+100% High-tech goods consumption/production
+10% Payment on High tech goods
All shipyards stock Cobra, Diamondback, Asp, & Python
-15% on Outfitting prices
Empire systems+100% High tech goods consumption/production
+10% High tech goods pay
Federation systems+100% High tech goods consumption/production
+10% High tech goods pay
Independent systems+100% High tech goods consumption/production
+10% High tech goods pay
Alliance systems+100% High tech goods consumption/production
+10% High tech goods pay

Border systems

SystemOpposing power  Allegiance  Economy  Dist  
36 AndromedaePranav Antal
BhadabaZachary Hudson
LAWD 8Yuri Grom
LFT 392Felicia Winters
LHS 139Pranav Antal
LHS 21Zachary Hudson
IndependentHigh Tech/Refinery---
LTT 1353Denton Patreus
MardukZachary Hudson
MCC 467Felicia Winters
NezhensesZachary Hudson
TetekheZemina Torval
V484 TauriFelicia Winters
Wolf 1278Zachary Hudson
Wolf 1323Zachary Hudson

Related Galnet news

03 May 3304
Antal’s Pessimism Triggers Backlash

Many key figures have contested Pranav Antal’s suggestion that humanity could lose the conflict against the Thargoids.

Federal Shadow President Felicia Winters commented:

“It’s surprising to hear such a dystopian prediction from the leader of Utopia! I know Antal’s heart is in the right place when he talks about preparing for the far future, but our focus should be on the present. The Thargoid threat has prompted an unprecedented level of inter-power cooperation, and this positive approach is what we must concentrate on.”

Admiral Aden Tanner made a statement on behalf of Aegis:

“Let me make this clear: our enemy may be powerful, but they are far from achieving victory. With our AX weaponry and new megaships, Aegis is leading an effective resistance against Thargoid forces.”

Further refutation came from Li Yong-Rui, CEO of the Sirius Corporation:

“With all due respect to Antal, his peculiar vision of humanity surviving as a mass of digital ghosts cannot be taken seriously. It’s not as if civilisation is on the edge of collapse – for most of us it remains business as usual. Our survival instincts and ingenuity will keep our societies functioning for a long time to come.”

23 Mar 3304
Week in Review

Here are this week’s major stories.

Aegis has published a report containing significant insights into the Thargoids. The information was provided by the engineer Ram Tah, compiled from recently decrypted logs at Guardian sites. The report indicates that the Guardians and the Thargoids were once at war, due to the Thargoids’ belief that they had a pre-existing claim to the regions of space occupied by the Guardians. Professor Alba Tesreau, head of research at Aegis, said: “It is clear that our current situation echoes that of the Guardians. Our space, like theirs, was seeded with barnacles thousands of years ago, and now the Thargoids have arrived to reap the biomechanical harvest.”

The Aegis report has elicited a wide range of responses. Federal President Zachary Hudson said, “It is now clear that there is no reasoning with this alien menace”, while Imperial Admiral Denton Patreus commented, “This new information makes it clear that the Thargoids will reject any diplomatic overtures. We must redouble our efforts to defend ourselves from their antagonism.”

Meanwhile, the operation to clear Socho of Thargoids has reached a successful conclusion. Scores of pilots supported the campaign by eliminating Thargoid vessels in the system, and by delivering alien material to Dantec Enterprise. A spokesperson for Aegis Core, which oversaw the initiative, thanked those who participated.

In other news, Yuri Grom has announced an initiative to create a new shipyard in the CPC 20 6743 system. The shipyard will produce capital ships with which to defend human space from both human and alien threats.

Finally, the Sirius Corporation has announced plans to expand its presence in the Ceos and Sothis systems. The expansion will involve the construction of several new starports, settlements and megaships.

And those are the main stories this week.

22 Mar 3304
Sirius Corp Announces Expansion

The Sirius Corporation has announced that it will be expanding its presence at two locations just outside the core systems.

A spokesperson for Sirius made this statement:

“For some time now, the amount of traffic passing through both the Ceos and Sothis systems has been steadily increasing. Naturally, we are keen to ensure that all pilots have access to essential services.”

“To this end, we are in the process of building several new starports and settlements in these systems, as well as several megaships. These will support Ceos and Sothis’s residents and visitors, and provide pilots with the high standard of services that they have come to expect from Sirius Corp.”

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03 May 3304
Gained control over Kotigeni
01 Mar 3304
Gained control over KP Tauri
08 Feb 3304
Lost control over 39 Tauri
08 Feb 3304
Lost control over Jotun
08 Feb 3304
Lost control over Tujila
01 Feb 3304
Lost control over Hyldeptu
01 Feb 3304
Lost control over Itza
01 Feb 3304
Lost control over Masses
01 Feb 3304
Lost control over Mundigal
14 Dec 3303
Lost control over GCRV 1526
09 Nov 3303
Gained control over Caberani
19 Oct 3303
Gained control over HIP 13644
28 Sep 3303
Gained control over Qi Yomisii
21 Sep 3303
Gained control over Metzili
14 Sep 3303
Gained control over G 35-15
24 Aug 3303
Gained control over Shana Bei
03 Aug 3303
Gained control over Hedetet
01 Jun 3303
Lost control over Airman Di
01 Jun 3303
Lost control over Wathiparian
01 Jun 3303
Lost control over Maia