Cost: 32,000 Cr
Cost: 44,800 Cr
Cost: 52,720 Cr
Cost: 87,810 Cr
Cost: 110,830 Cr
Cost: 142,930 Cr
Cost: 349,720 Cr
Cost: 437,930 Cr
Cost: 564,330 Cr
Cost: 747,660 Cr
Cost: 1,045,950 Cr
Cost: 1,337,330 Cr
Cost: 1,894,760 Cr
Cost: 2,542,930 Cr
Cost: 3,126,150 Cr
Cost: 3,961,150 Cr
Cost: 4,925,620 Cr
Cost: 6,661,150 Cr
Cost: 17,472,260 Cr
Cost: 14,314,210 Cr
Cost: 19,382,250 Cr
Cost: 19,814,210 Cr
Cost: 22,296,860 Cr
Cost: 35,814,210 Cr
Cost: 48,539,900 Cr
Cost: 51,567,040 Cr
Cost: 56,978,180 Cr
Cost: 76,555,840 Cr
Cost: 84,532,770 Cr
Cost: 124,755,342 Cr
Cost: 146,969,450 Cr
Cost: 187,969,450 Cr
Cost: 208,969,450 Cr

Ships comparison

Sidewinder Mk I2203201684060Small32,000 Cr
Eagle Mk II2403501886040Small44,800 Cr
Hauler20030015050100Small52,720 Cr
Adder2203201526090Small87,810 Cr
Imperial Eagle3004001558060Small110,830 Cr
Viper Mk III32040014010570Small142,930 Cr
Cobra Mk III28040015080120Small349,720 Cr
Viper Mk IV270340132150150Small437,930 Cr
Diamondback Scout280380157120120Small564,330 Cr
Cobra Mk IV200300130120120Small747,660 Cr
Type-6 Transporter22035014790180Medium1,045,950 Cr
Dolphin250350150110110Small1,337,330 Cr
Diamondback Explorer260340138150150Small1,894,760 Cr
Imperial Courier28038014420080Small2,542,930 Cr
Keelback200300142135270Medium3,126,150 Cr
Asp Scout220300165120180Medium3,961,150 Cr
Vulture210340169240160Small4,925,620 Cr
Asp Explorer250340148140210Medium6,661,150 Cr
Type-7 Transporter180300104155340Large17,472,260 Cr
Federal Dropship180300124200300Medium14,314,210 Cr
Alliance Chieftain235337128154504Medium19,382,250 Cr
Federal Assault Ship210350147200300Medium19,814,210 Cr
Imperial Clipper300380138180270Large22,296,860 Cr
Federal Gunship170280123250350Medium35,814,210 Cr
Orca30038098220220Large48,539,900 Cr
Fer-de-Lance260350140300225Medium51,567,040 Cr
Python230300129260260Medium56,978,180 Cr
Type-9 Heavy13020048240480Large76,555,840 Cr
Beluga Liner200280102280280Large84,532,770 Cr
Type-10 Defender17921970991044Large124,755,342 Cr
Anaconda18024095350525Large146,969,450 Cr
Federal Corvette200260111555370Large187,969,450 Cr
Imperial Cutter20032071600400Large208,969,450 Cr

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