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Community goals

Zende Partners Defence Appeal
23 May 3305

The Prospect | Synuefe EN-H d11-96
Hand in Combat Bonds for Zende Partners after fighting in Conflict Zones against Segnen Exchange​

Segnen Exchange Security Initiative
23 May 3305

Indigo Dock | Synuefe EN-H d11-96
Hand in Combat Bonds for Segnen Exchange after fighting in Conflict Zones against Zende Partners

Zende Partners Requests Guardian Commodities
16 May 3305

The Prospect | Synuefe EN-H d11-96
Deliver Ancient Casket, Ancient Key, Ancient Orb, Ancient Relic, Ancient Tablet, Ancient Totem and Ancient Urn

Distant Worlds Resource Initiative
07 Mar 3305

Explorer's Anchorage | Stuemeae FG-Y d7561
Deliver Bauxite, Water and Liquid Oxygen

Recent stories

Iconoclypse / today
Personal 3305-05-15 (2)

I did it! FSM! Every hurdle feels like a life's work now though. I'm exhausted. And injured. I got the 'grey box' comms router fitted and linked into the Hind's power grid. I sent my first new message (text attached) tonight at 21.00 and as far as I can tell it went fine. All without...

J.Bauer / today

The USNS Chicago arrived at waypoint 3 on May 18, 3305 at 0626 UGT, waypoint 4 on May 22st, 3305 at 0254 UGT, and waypoint 5 on May 25, 3305 at 0612 UGT. We are now two weeks ahead of our original proposed schedule. To realign our schedule we are moving the remaining Waypoint dates forward assuming that...

Clemsongreg06 / today
Friends Old and New

The message light on my personal comm was blinking. I'd just gotten back from an excursion. It was a simple trip - uneventful but exhausting. Not that I'm complaining. I mean, that's all I've ever wanted, really. I was going to ignore the message until tomorrow, but something made me decide to go ahead...
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Security report

Pilots Federation murder attempts (Last hour)

1 in LHS 1933
2 in Shinrarta Dezhra
9 in Deciat

Pilots Federation murder attempts (Last 2 days)

Extreme threat in Deciat
Extreme threat in Shinrarta Dezhra
Medium threat in Synuefe EN-H d11-96
Medium threat in Polevnic
Low threat in Nanomam
Low threat in Ross 1015
Low threat in Bunda
Low threat in Windri
Low threat in Wyrd
Low threat in LHS 3317

Operations against Thargoids

Stations damaged

Levi-Civita Dock | HIP 21167
Hinz Hub | Ngobe
Ryman Orbital | HIP 13173
Iqbal Installation | Gciriko
Mason Port | Uodigaenta
with 86 additional stations under repair
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Most visited systems

Star system%
Shinrarta Dezhra9.96
Synuefe EN-H d11-964.94
Wolf 3971.03
LHS 200.72
Note: Based on Inara commanders only.

Powers history

23 May 3305
Felicia Winters
Gained control over Mbambiva
23 May 3305
Aisling Duval
Gained control over Runo
16 May 3305
Zachary Hudson
Gained control over Hyades Sector GH-V d2-135
16 May 3305
Felicia Winters
Gained control over Lulua
09 May 3305
Edmund Mahon
Gained control over Xiriwal

Latest Galnet news

24 May 3305
Mahon Demands End to Kincaid’s Presidency

Prime Minister Edmund Mahon has called on President Gibson Kincaid to step down pending an official inquiry.

Addressing the Alliance Assembly, Mahon said:

“President Kincaid’s decision to assume direct command of the Zaonce fleet, coupled with allegations of illegal campaign funding, justify the suspension of his presidential term.”

“Kincaid is now being protected by Admiral Yamamoto’s ships as well as emissaries from the Office of the Alliance President. This autocratic behaviour must cease, and Kincaid must cooperate with our investigation or face impeachment.”

President Kincaid issued a response from his private residence in Zaonce:

“These false accusations are further proof that the Alliance needs a single, strong leader. Unless the Assembly has irrefutable proof of illegality, the constitution states they cannot force me out of office.”

23 May 3305
Corporations Clash in Guardian Space

A successful appeal by Zende Partners for Guardian commodities has led to the appointment of a technology broker at The Prospect, where Guardian modules are now available. The initiative has seen a marked increase in violence in the Synuefe EN-H d11-96 system, however, recently established as a hub of Guardian technological research.

Freya Taine, CEO of Zende Partners, made this announcement:

“Shortly after our company deployed a megaship transport service connecting Zende and Guardian space, our convoys came under attack. We have evidence to suggest that Segnen Exchange is responsible for this flagrant attempt to undermine our efforts.”

“I call upon the galactic community to assist Zende Partners in removing this threat to our operation. Our plans to begin production of an Advanced Multi-cannon can proceed once Segnen Exchange’s disruptions have been dealt with.”

Cedrik Stone, CEO of Segnen Exchange, submitted this statement in response to the accusations:

“Zende Partners apparently intends to control the trade of Guardian commodities in Synuefe EN-H d11-96, which is perhaps why there is violent resistance to their operation. My company would only ever respond to threats with an appropriate level of self-defence.”

“In order to reestablish peace and protect our research into new Guardian-human technology, we ask independent pilots to support Segnen Exchange vessels in the system. Securing a permanent presence will allow my company to complete work on an Advanced Dumbfire Launcher on schedule.”

“Our newly established outpost, Indigo Dock, will serve as our base of operations in these efforts.”

The two factions have set out campaigns in Synuefe EN-H d11-96, to take place between the 23rd and 29th of May 3305.

19 May 3305
Week in Review

Here are this week’s main stories.

President Gibson Kincaid has been named as commander-in-chief of the Alliance Defence Force in the Zaonce system. The announcement by Admiral Frederick Yamamoto, known to be a personal friend of Kincaid, was poorly received by the Council of Admirals who demanded that the decree be rescinded.

Zende Partners has called for increased deliveries of Guardian commodities in Synuefe EN-H d11-96. CEO Freya Taine revealed that the next step of their Guardian research initiative is the appointment of a technology broker. The galactic community has been invited to bring commodities from Guardian ruins to The Prospect.

In related news, Segnen Exchange has announced plans to install their own outpost in Synuefe EN-H d11-96. In a statement, the company revealed they seek to take advantage of the increased Guardian commodity trade in the system.

And finally, a dream journal maintained by Gan Romero has been discovered by investigators. Romero, the technician responsible for stealing a docked craft from the Vega system, recorded a number of entries prior to the theft suggesting that vivid dream delusions may have played a role.

And those are the main stories this week.