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Imperial Drive for Golconda Port
18 Nov 3305

The Lucent Embrace | Upaniklis
Deliver Polymers, CMM Composites, Titanium, Beryllium and Thallium

Federal Initiative for Golconda Outpost
18 Nov 3305

Keller's Resolve | Upaniklis
Deliver Polymers, CMM Composites, Titanium, Beryllium and Thallium

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Alexander P. / today
Hangar talk (vol 1... possibly)

Oof, so after a long time of piloting this thing i found out that this little icon here on my comms panel allows me to record myself AND my thoughts... neato... well uh, i'll just go ahead and open up with something i did today that i found pretty funny so here goes. Welp, i woke up in the lounge...

Rex-Cramer / yesterday
A Return to Origins (Pt 5)

================ Ships Log (2019-12-06) ======================= After a bit of rest, we laid in a course to A. Duval space via some outlying systems. We touched down at Tucanae Sector BQ-Y D95 on a planetary outpost. Narada was needing some work on structural integrity after hundreds of jumps....

Jonny_saturn / yesterday
Ongoing cyclops encounters

There are many tales of success published, of battles won, credits claimed and new worlds discovered – but this is not always the reality. There are the tough times too – we were all inexperienced once, fell short of glory through lack of understanding or honed skills, or even just experienced rotten...
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2 in Diaguandri

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Extreme threat in Shinrarta Dezhra
High threat in San Tu
Medium threat in Wolf 397
Medium threat in Deciat
Medium threat in Cubeo
Medium threat in G 141-21
Medium threat in Sothis
Low threat in Colonia
Low threat in Sarugh
Low threat in Mulungu

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Shinrarta Dezhra15.83
Hyades Sector DB-X d1-1124.70
HIP 678823.40
HIP 670862.76
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Powers history

05 Dec 3305
Felicia Winters
Lost control over BD-01 1707
05 Dec 3305
Felicia Winters
Lost control over Albicevci
05 Dec 3305
Felicia Winters
Lost control over Lulua
05 Dec 3305
Felicia Winters
Lost control over Mbambiva
05 Dec 3305
Felicia Winters
Lost control over 169 G. Canis Majoris

Latest Galnet news

05 Dec 3305
Golconda’s Inhabitants Migrate to Forester’s Choice

The crew of the generation ship Golconda have migrated to their new home - the outpost Forester’s Choice in the Upaniklis system.

Following a successful bid to assist the Golconda crew with their relocation, the Federation arranged for transportation from the ancient vessel to the outpost now in orbit around Upaniklis B 3.

Communication with the generation ship in the days prior to departure revealed a certain amount of trepidation among their people. But with centuries of space travel having exhausted the Golconda’s ability to adequately sustain the colonists, the majority supported the decision to relocate.

The Golconda’s command staff also confirmed that they would continue distillation of the beverage Apa Vietii. This unique spirit will be on sale to traders from Forester’s Choice.

Professor Elizabeth Perez, head of anthropology at Orion Independent University, was on hand to observe the mass resettlement:

“Many of the colonists openly wept as they stepped aboard the transport vessels, speaking words of thanks and sorrow to the Golconda itself. On several occasions, the emigrants broke spontaneously into song, with hundreds locked arm-in-arm.”

“During the flight I overheard a group of youths chatting excitedly about the technology that would be available to them, perhaps ignorant of the significance of their journey. But most striking was the people’s collective determination to maintain their unique culture, and to remain together as they enter this new chapter.”

“It remains to be seen whether this society will retain its isolationist outlook or willingly integrate with the galaxy. We can only hope that these remarkable travellers from the past will be left alone long enough to explore 34th-century humanity at their own pace.”

To celebrate this historic event, the Federation has announced that a purchase discount will be applied to Federal ships between the 5th and 16th of December 3305.

24 Nov 3305
Federation Delivers Golconda’s New Home

The Federation has won the bid to provide the Golconda’s population with a permanent home, beating a rival effort by the Empire.

Both campaigns received support from the galactic community, but the initiative to create a new orbital outpost for the generation ship’s inhabitants ultimately proved more popular than the construction of a planetary port.

An official message from the Golconda confirmed that the colonists were impressed by the superpower’s success, and have agreed to migrate to the outpost once it has been completed. The outpost will be named Forester’s Choice to honour the captain of the Golconda, Jonathon Forester.

The Golconda crew have also accepted the status of a Federal partner while retaining their autonomy.

Congressman Harlan Turk made this statement:

“We are proud to offer a fresh start to a society descended from the Federation’s forebears. Their unique culture will continue to thrive among the stars at an outpost that enjoys Federal protection.”

Imperial Senator Ava Cornelius sent a message of goodwill to Captain Forester and his crew. She admitted disappointment at the Golconda’s decision but wished the colonists peace and prosperity for the future.

Supporters of the Imperial and Federal campaigns can now collect outstanding rewards from their respective megaships in the Upaniklis system.

22 Nov 3305
A Gift from the Golconda

The inhabitants of the generation ship Golconda have offered a token of gratitude to authorities in the Upaniklis system for their recent help.

The gift was a case of an alcoholic spirit labelled Apa Vietii, distilled only aboard the Golconda for many centuries. An accompanying note explained that the production technique has remained largely unchanged since the 22nd century.

Analysis of the beverage confirmed it was safe for consumption, although nothing is known of the raw ingredients or distillation process.

As yet very few people have sampled Apa Vietii, but the celebrated gourmet and critic Giles Cappelleo was invited to appraise the spirit:

“Well, what a delight this is – to experience a previously unheard-of libation! Apa Vietii is refreshing on the palate with a smooth, crisp flavour, but delivers a vigorous thump to the senses once swallowed. If it ever becomes widely available, connoisseurs everywhere would surely adore it. The Golconda crew is sitting atop a potential goldmine!”

Professor Elizabeth Perez of the Orion Independent University provided an anthropologist’s take:

“This is a significant gesture from a society that has been highly reluctant to interact with outsiders. Although their isolationist stance remains prevalent, offering Apa Vietii could be interpreted as the start of a cultural exchange programme prior to rejoining civilisation.”