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Community goals

Security for Year's End Festivities
12 Dec 3305

Davies High | Reorte
Hand in Bounty Vouchers

Imports for Year's End Festivities
12 Dec 3305

Davies High | Reorte
Deliver Fish, Fruit and Vegetables, Animal Meat, Beer, Lavian Brandy, Anduliga Fire Works and Eranin Pearl Whisky

Thargoid war report

Thargoids killed
Civilians and assets rescued
Inara commanders
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Recent stories

Orodruin / today
Thargoid scouts, Part 1: Recruitment

"Incoming message", the ship computer announced without any hint in the voice of the message content as the Thargoid scout was ripped in two parts by the dual gauss cannons. I did not need to look in the inbox, I already knew the message content. The thrusters of [url=https://inara.cz/cmdr-fleet/196442/1262570/]The...

Wyt / today
Trader's Log: Entry 004 - "Wasted Days"

DATE: 21 FEB 3306 TIME: 07:54 GMT LOCATION: WOLF 750 SYSTEM / GREGORY ORBITAL *****BEGIN ENTRY***** Rebekah Lyons, Identification Number five-one-five-seven-three-nine-two, recording from Gregory Orbital in the Wolf 750 System on the twenty-first of February, 3306. Haven't had much time to...

Guigoux / yesterday
Brunel Hub

Log 22/02/3306 17:52 - Commandeur Guilhael "Guigoux" DeVires à bord du... T-0... T-03 NE-GU. Je ne vais pas réussir à retenir ce nom. Je choisis toujours des noms trop compliqués à retenir. Enfin... Je sors de la douche et j'ai réussi à m'arranger pour éviter les frais supplémentaires cette...
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Security report

Crimes confirmed
Criminals punished
Commanders involved

Pilots Federation murder attempts (Last hour)

1 in Maia
8 in LTT 5455

Pilots Federation murder attempts (Last 2 days)

High threat in Shinrarta Dezhra
High threat in Deciat
Medium threat in San Tu
Medium threat in Hyades Sector DR-V c2-23
Medium threat in Laksak
Low threat in Wolf 397
Low threat in LTT 5455
Low threat in Rhea
Low threat in Chona
Low threat in Borann

Stations damaged

Tsao Prospect | Lembass
with 54 additional stations under repair
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Traffic report

Star system%
Shinrarta Dezhra15.43
LTT 26014.54
Wolf 3973.36
V886 Centauri2.40
The most frequent star systems in the last 24 hours. Based on Inara commanders only.

Powers history

13 Feb 3306
Edmund Mahon
Gained control over 44 b Ophiuchi
13 Feb 3306
Felicia Winters
Lost control over HIP 53719
13 Feb 3306
Felicia Winters
Lost control over Diegakul
06 Feb 3306
Zachary Hudson
Gained control over Jiuyou
30 Jan 3306
Pranav Antal
Lost control over LP 708-253

Latest Galnet news

14 Jan 3306
Witch Head System Designations Updated

Universal Cartographics has updated the names of fifteen systems in the Witch Head enclave.

Cynthia Sideris, chair of Universal Cartographics, elaborated on the development:

“Last year’s colonisation efforts resulted in a number of new settlements in the region, and providing systems with less unwieldy appellations is of great benefit to explorers. For example, ‘the Wisanye system’ rolls off the tongue much more agreeably than ‘the Witch Head Sector FB-X c1-7 system’.”

“We are confident that these more personable memorable terms will be welcomed by the Witch Head community.”

The Witch Head enclave is currently experiencing a number of Thargoid incursions, prompting local factions to call for assistance.

13 Jan 3306
Thargoid Incursions in Witch Head Enclave

A series of Thargoid incursions into human-occupied Witch Head systems has alarmed the region’s colonists. Multiple casualties have been reported, with pilots caught off-guard by the sudden increase in Thargoid ships.

The Thargoids had largely withdrawn from the Witch Head enclave following a heavy defeat in July 3305. Following a significant increase in Thargoid activity, Professor Alba Tesreau of Aegis Research offered the following comments to Vox Galactica:

“Regrettably, the Thargoids were unlikely to surrender this area of space after a single defeat. Humanity may have established the Witch Head enclave, but the Thargoids are clearly still intent on driving us out – particularly with so many barnacle sites in the region.”

With starports at considerable risk of assault, local authorities are hopeful that a defence force can be organised soon. A number of independent pilots have already travelled great distances to engage the Thargoid forces.

Kelvin Masters, a regular pundit for the Rewired network, provided this take:

“Those people in the Witch Head are crazy if they thought the Thargoids were just going to roll over like good pups. We’re six months down the road from our initial expansion into the sector, and the local factions seem to have forgotten they’re living in Thargoid space. There’s a little push-and-shove for influence going on, corporations vying for control. What’s going to happen in the Witch Head enclave now the Thargoids are back in force?”

18 Dec 3305
Reorte Year’s End Festivities Conclude

End-of-year celebrations have concluded in the Reorte system, with organisers declaring the week a grand success.

Deliveries by independent pilots ensured that the needs of the billion-plus attendees were met. Meanwhile, agitators in the system were prevented from intercepting convoys or causing trouble.

Prime Minister Edmund Mahon offered this statement:

“I’d like to express my gratitude and appreciation to everybody involved in the festivities, from interstellar traders to revellers on the streets. Now, as goods are packed away and sensory experience hubs are dismantled all across Home, the clean-up efforts begin. It has been a real honour to witness so many come together in Reorte.”

“On behalf of the Alliance Assembly, I wish everybody a most prosperous New Year.”

Pilots who took part in either campaign can now obtain their rewards from Davies High in the Reorte system.