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Abraham Lincoln

Wealthy, Very large population Service and Refinery economy (Federation Democracy)

Station distance: 494 Ls | Landing pad: Large | Services: Commodity Market, Shipyard, Outfitting, Repair, Refuel, Restock | Minor Faction: Mother Gaia
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CommodityAvg sellAvg buyAvg profitMax sellMin buyMax profit
Explosives256 Cr190 Cr66 Cr890 Cr57 Cr833 Cr
Hydrogen Fuel94 Cr96 Cr-2 Cr211 Cr24 Cr187 Cr
Hydrogen Peroxide848 Cr0 Cr848 Cr996 Cr0 Cr996 Cr
Liquid Oxygen268 Cr109 Cr159 Cr800 Cr45 Cr755 Cr
Mineral Oil225 Cr90 Cr135 Cr786 Cr44 Cr742 Cr
Nerve Agents13,600 Cr12,567 Cr1,033 Cr14,753 Cr11,981 Cr2,772 Cr
Pesticides202 Cr101 Cr101 Cr907 Cr32 Cr875 Cr
Surface Stabilisers424 Cr357 Cr67 Cr1,522 Cr200 Cr1,322 Cr
Synthetic Reagents7,085 Cr6,198 Cr887 Cr7,920 Cr5,559 Cr2,361 Cr
Water171 Cr25 Cr146 Cr876 Cr8 Cr868 Cr
Consumer Items
Clothing333 Cr200 Cr133 Cr617 Cr64 Cr553 Cr
Consumer Technology7,094 Cr6,502 Cr592 Cr8,191 Cr5,837 Cr2,354 Cr
Domestic Appliances567 Cr394 Cr173 Cr910 Cr225 Cr685 Cr
Evacuation Shelter384 Cr146 Cr238 Cr2,628 Cr87 Cr2,541 Cr
Survival Equipment565 Cr429 Cr136 Cr2,216 Cr218 Cr1,998 Cr
Legal Drugs
Beer270 Cr76 Cr194 Cr492 Cr37 Cr455 Cr
Bootleg Liquor614 Cr0 Cr614 Cr818 Cr0 Cr818 Cr
Liquor728 Cr472 Cr256 Cr1,434 Cr331 Cr1,103 Cr
Narcotics9,600 Cr8,879 Cr721 Cr10,239 Cr8,640 Cr1,599 Cr
Tobacco5,126 Cr4,503 Cr623 Cr6,053 Cr4,213 Cr1,840 Cr
Wine304 Cr141 Cr163 Cr529 Cr81 Cr448 Cr
Algae201 Cr42 Cr159 Cr976 Cr14 Cr962 Cr
Animal Meat1,524 Cr1,111 Cr413 Cr3,167 Cr843 Cr2,324 Cr
Coffee1,504 Cr1,094 Cr410 Cr2,084 Cr843 Cr1,241 Cr
Fish524 Cr283 Cr241 Cr2,546 Cr176 Cr2,370 Cr
Food Cartridges158 Cr44 Cr114 Cr740 Cr10 Cr730 Cr
Fruit and Vegetables405 Cr197 Cr208 Cr2,145 Cr99 Cr2,046 Cr
Grain285 Cr108 Cr177 Cr2,088 Cr49 Cr2,039 Cr
Synthetic Meat335 Cr135 Cr200 Cr1,471 Cr61 Cr1,410 Cr
Tea1,703 Cr1,278 Cr425 Cr2,302 Cr991 Cr1,311 Cr
Industrial Materials
Ceramic Composites428 Cr102 Cr326 Cr1,182 Cr28 Cr1,154 Cr
CMM Composite6,502 Cr5,436 Cr1,066 Cr7,032 Cr4,691 Cr2,341 Cr
Insulating Membrane11,086 Cr10,307 Cr779 Cr12,046 Cr6,962 Cr5,084 Cr
Meta-Alloys90,242 Cr0 Cr90,242 Cr104,821 Cr0 Cr104,821 Cr
Micro-Weave Cooling Hoses1,607 Cr0 Cr1,607 Cr1,800 Cr0 Cr1,800 Cr
Neofabric Insulation5,860 Cr0 Cr5,860 Cr6,245 Cr0 Cr6,245 Cr
Polymers175 Cr66 Cr109 Cr705 Cr13 Cr692 Cr
Semiconductors960 Cr691 Cr269 Cr1,723 Cr225 Cr1,498 Cr
Superconductors6,739 Cr6,336 Cr403 Cr7,999 Cr5,477 Cr2,522 Cr
Articulation Motors7,483 Cr0 Cr7,483 Cr7,920 Cr0 Cr7,920 Cr
Atmospheric Processors307 Cr273 Cr34 Cr1,178 Cr131 Cr1,047 Cr
Building Fabricators948 Cr828 Cr120 Cr1,754 Cr410 Cr1,344 Cr
Crop Harvesters2,002 Cr1,966 Cr36 Cr3,087 Cr1,287 Cr1,800 Cr
Emergency Power Cells2,655 Cr1,966 Cr689 Cr2,942 Cr1,666 Cr1,276 Cr
Energy Grid Assembly3,002 Cr2,338 Cr664 Cr3,293 Cr1,982 Cr1,311 Cr
Exhaust Manifold2,105 Cr1,651 Cr454 Cr2,353 Cr1,498 Cr855 Cr
Geological Equipment1,609 Cr1,450 Cr159 Cr2,599 Cr973 Cr1,626 Cr
Heatsink Interlink2,356 Cr1,775 Cr581 Cr2,628 Cr1,467 Cr1,161 Cr
HN Shock Mount1,578 Cr1,485 Cr93 Cr2,422 Cr365 Cr2,057 Cr
Magnetic Emitter Coil1,516 Cr1,061 Cr455 Cr1,707 Cr763 Cr944 Cr
Marine Equipment3,873 Cr3,835 Cr38 Cr5,342 Cr3,094 Cr2,248 Cr
Microbial Furnaces300 Cr105 Cr195 Cr1,102 Cr32 Cr1,070 Cr
Mineral Extractors593 Cr469 Cr124 Cr1,571 Cr195 Cr1,376 Cr
Modular Terminals2,234 Cr0 Cr2,234 Cr2,488 Cr0 Cr2,488 Cr
Power Converter1,575 Cr1,070 Cr505 Cr1,761 Cr882 Cr879 Cr
Power Generators563 Cr375 Cr188 Cr1,223 Cr177 Cr1,046 Cr
Power Transfer Bus2,464 Cr1,899 Cr565 Cr2,680 Cr1,516 Cr1,164 Cr
Radiation Baffle2,016 Cr0 Cr2,016 Cr2,188 Cr0 Cr2,188 Cr
Reinforced Mounting Plate2,749 Cr1,877 Cr872 Cr3,025 Cr1,680 Cr1,345 Cr
Skimmer Components898 Cr629 Cr269 Cr2,133 Cr280 Cr1,853 Cr
Thermal Cooling Units223 Cr162 Cr61 Cr882 Cr60 Cr822 Cr
Water Purifiers311 Cr186 Cr125 Cr1,311 Cr60 Cr1,251 Cr
Advanced Medicines2,073 Cr1,529 Cr544 Cr3,368 Cr736 Cr2,632 Cr
Agri-Medicines1,062 Cr841 Cr221 Cr1,538 Cr426 Cr1,112 Cr
Basic Medicines489 Cr199 Cr290 Cr3,458 Cr66 Cr3,392 Cr
Combat Stabilisers3,243 Cr2,404 Cr839 Cr4,062 Cr2,107 Cr1,955 Cr
Performance Enhancers7,257 Cr6,289 Cr968 Cr8,238 Cr5,510 Cr2,728 Cr
Progenitor Cells7,141 Cr6,466 Cr675 Cr8,379 Cr5,773 Cr2,606 Cr
Aluminium322 Cr211 Cr111 Cr704 Cr71 Cr633 Cr
Beryllium8,318 Cr7,808 Cr510 Cr9,307 Cr7,016 Cr2,291 Cr
Bismuth2,408 Cr1,980 Cr428 Cr3,112 Cr1,557 Cr1,555 Cr
Cobalt649 Cr536 Cr113 Cr1,145 Cr147 Cr998 Cr
Copper468 Cr340 Cr128 Cr887 Cr163 Cr724 Cr
Gallium5,207 Cr4,723 Cr484 Cr6,245 Cr3,925 Cr2,320 Cr
Gold9,439 Cr8,989 Cr450 Cr11,344 Cr7,597 Cr3,747 Cr
Hafnium 1780 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Indium5,855 Cr5,491 Cr364 Cr6,984 Cr4,691 Cr2,293 Cr
Lanthanum8,924 Cr8,348 Cr576 Cr9,843 Cr7,733 Cr2,110 Cr
Lithium1,617 Cr1,321 Cr296 Cr2,250 Cr789 Cr1,461 Cr
Osmium9,992 Cr0 Cr9,992 Cr14,822 Cr0 Cr14,822 Cr
Palladium13,436 Cr12,865 Cr571 Cr15,497 Cr11,261 Cr4,236 Cr
Platinum21,001 Cr0 Cr21,001 Cr26,084 Cr0 Cr26,084 Cr
Praseodymium8,490 Cr0 Cr8,490 Cr11,327 Cr0 Cr11,327 Cr
Samarium7,974 Cr0 Cr7,974 Cr10,820 Cr0 Cr10,820 Cr
Silver4,860 Cr4,397 Cr463 Cr5,885 Cr3,539 Cr2,346 Cr
Tantalum4,026 Cr3,591 Cr435 Cr4,982 Cr2,912 Cr2,070 Cr
Thallium3,784 Cr3,252 Cr532 Cr4,654 Cr2,753 Cr1,901 Cr
Thorium11,926 Cr11,066 Cr860 Cr12,560 Cr10,420 Cr2,140 Cr
Titanium1,013 Cr823 Cr190 Cr1,569 Cr355 Cr1,214 Cr
Uranium2,742 Cr2,337 Cr405 Cr3,522 Cr1,694 Cr1,828 Cr
Bauxite152 Cr63 Cr89 Cr495 Cr9 Cr486 Cr
Bertrandite2,553 Cr2,233 Cr320 Cr3,500 Cr1,563 Cr1,937 Cr
Bromellite8,468 Cr0 Cr8,468 Cr8,866 Cr0 Cr8,866 Cr
Coltan1,454 Cr1,182 Cr272 Cr2,143 Cr653 Cr1,490 Cr
Cryolite2,671 Cr1,870 Cr801 Cr2,942 Cr1,480 Cr1,462 Cr
Gallite1,959 Cr1,700 Cr259 Cr2,823 Cr1,077 Cr1,746 Cr
Goslarite1,141 Cr648 Cr493 Cr1,324 Cr277 Cr1,047 Cr
Indite2,260 Cr1,933 Cr327 Cr3,144 Cr1,296 Cr1,848 Cr
Jadeite14,482 Cr0 Cr14,482 Cr16,140 Cr0 Cr16,140 Cr
Lepidolite617 Cr456 Cr161 Cr1,155 Cr200 Cr955 Cr
Lithium Hydroxide5,541 Cr0 Cr5,541 Cr7,729 Cr0 Cr7,729 Cr
Low Temperature Diamonds61,232 Cr0 Cr61,232 Cr69,746 Cr0 Cr69,746 Cr
Methane Clathrate562 Cr0 Cr562 Cr687 Cr0 Cr687 Cr
Methanol Monohydrate Crystals2,410 Cr0 Cr2,410 Cr2,900 Cr0 Cr2,900 Cr
Moissanite8,447 Cr0 Cr8,447 Cr9,091 Cr0 Cr9,091 Cr
Painite46,781 Cr0 Cr46,781 Cr82,444 Cr0 Cr82,444 Cr
Pyrophyllite1,884 Cr1,229 Cr655 Cr2,111 Cr822 Cr1,289 Cr
Rutile332 Cr222 Cr110 Cr693 Cr70 Cr623 Cr
Taaffeite22,376 Cr0 Cr22,376 Cr24,817 Cr0 Cr24,817 Cr
Uraninite928 Cr737 Cr191 Cr1,481 Cr277 Cr1,204 Cr
AI Relics133,430 Cr0 Cr133,430 Cr143,134 Cr0 Cr143,134 Cr
Ancient Artefact5,000 Cr0 Cr5,000 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Ancient Casket4,595 Cr0 Cr4,595 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Ancient Orb5,249 Cr0 Cr5,249 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Ancient Relic8,384 Cr0 Cr8,384 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Ancient Tablet5,249 Cr0 Cr5,249 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Ancient Totem6,857 Cr0 Cr6,857 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Ancient Urn3,298 Cr0 Cr3,298 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Antimatter Containment Unit26,600 Cr0 Cr26,600 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Antique Jewellery0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Antiquities115,190 Cr0 Cr115,190 Cr135,010 Cr0 Cr135,010 Cr
Assault Plans280 Cr0 Cr280 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Black Box525 Cr0 Cr525 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Commercial Samples225 Cr0 Cr225 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Damaged Escape Pod0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Data Core2,880 Cr0 Cr2,880 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Diplomatic Bag370 Cr0 Cr370 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Earth Relics0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Encrypted Correspondence240 Cr0 Cr240 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Encrypted Data Storage570 Cr0 Cr570 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Experimental Chemicals2,250 Cr0 Cr2,250 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Fossil Remnants9,900 Cr0 Cr9,900 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Gene Bank0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Geological Samples275 Cr0 Cr275 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Hostage9,750 Cr0 Cr9,750 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Large Survey Data Cache153,826 Cr0 Cr153,826 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Military Intelligence58,197 Cr0 Cr58,197 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Military Plans5,400 Cr0 Cr5,400 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Mysterious Idol15,200 Cr0 Cr15,200 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Occupied Cryopod4,474 Cr0 Cr4,474 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Occupied Escape Pod4,474 Cr0 Cr4,474 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Personal Effects380 Cr0 Cr380 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Political Prisoner106,500 Cr0 Cr106,500 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Precious Gems110,000 Cr0 Cr110,000 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Prohibited Research Materials46,600 Cr0 Cr46,600 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Prototype Tech6,100 Cr0 Cr6,100 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Rare Artwork4,779 Cr0 Cr4,779 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Rebel Transmissions2,100 Cr0 Cr2,100 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Salvageable Wreckage390 Cr0 Cr390 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
SAP 8 Core Container60,429 Cr0 Cr60,429 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Scientific Research430 Cr0 Cr430 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Scientific Samples132,650 Cr0 Cr132,650 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Small Survey Data Cache0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Space Pioneer Relics7,300 Cr0 Cr7,300 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Tactical Data280 Cr0 Cr280 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Technical Blueprints3,750 Cr0 Cr3,750 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Time Capsule0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Trade Data1,450 Cr0 Cr1,450 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Trinkets of Hidden Fortune880 Cr0 Cr880 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Unknown Artefact242,485 Cr0 Cr242,485 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Unknown Biological Matter25,500 Cr0 Cr25,500 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Unknown Link31,350 Cr0 Cr31,350 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Unknown Probe411,000 Cr0 Cr411,000 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Unknown Resin18,600 Cr0 Cr18,600 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Unknown Technology Samples22,550 Cr0 Cr22,550 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Unstable Data Core1,960 Cr0 Cr1,960 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Wreckage Components260 Cr0 Cr260 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Imperial Slaves15,981 Cr15,847 Cr134 Cr17,188 Cr12,500 Cr4,688 Cr
Slaves10,062 Cr10,069 Cr-7 Cr11,180 Cr9,814 Cr1,366 Cr
Advanced Catalysers3,262 Cr2,565 Cr697 Cr3,810 Cr2,117 Cr1,693 Cr
Animal Monitors464 Cr241 Cr223 Cr1,198 Cr75 Cr1,123 Cr
Aquaponic Systems312 Cr159 Cr153 Cr561 Cr52 Cr509 Cr
Auto-Fabricators4,108 Cr3,473 Cr635 Cr5,601 Cr2,780 Cr2,821 Cr
Bioreducing Lichen1,143 Cr785 Cr358 Cr1,496 Cr410 Cr1,086 Cr
Computer Components430 Cr372 Cr58 Cr881 Cr218 Cr663 Cr
H.E. Suits463 Cr184 Cr279 Cr1,392 Cr88 Cr1,304 Cr
Hardware Diagnostic Sensor7,470 Cr0 Cr7,470 Cr7,920 Cr0 Cr7,920 Cr
Ion Distributor2,664 Cr1,988 Cr676 Cr2,895 Cr1,619 Cr1,276 Cr
Land Enrichment Systems5,012 Cr4,502 Cr510 Cr6,517 Cr3,799 Cr2,718 Cr
Medical Diagnostic Equipment3,795 Cr3,374 Cr421 Cr7,103 Cr2,036 Cr5,067 Cr
Micro Controllers5,893 Cr5,186 Cr707 Cr6,597 Cr4,435 Cr2,162 Cr
Muon Imager6,626 Cr5,797 Cr829 Cr7,296 Cr5,125 Cr2,171 Cr
Nanobreakers2,126 Cr0 Cr2,126 Cr2,353 Cr0 Cr2,353 Cr
Resonating Separators6,468 Cr5,618 Cr850 Cr7,376 Cr4,696 Cr2,680 Cr
Robotics2,152 Cr1,643 Cr509 Cr2,780 Cr1,189 Cr1,591 Cr
Structural Regulators1,922 Cr1,484 Cr438 Cr2,550 Cr1,113 Cr1,437 Cr
Telemetry Suite3,014 Cr0 Cr3,014 Cr3,293 Cr0 Cr3,293 Cr
Conductive Fabrics694 Cr444 Cr250 Cr1,536 Cr196 Cr1,340 Cr
Leather268 Cr89 Cr179 Cr454 Cr41 Cr413 Cr
Military Grade Fabrics969 Cr938 Cr31 Cr3,545 Cr408 Cr3,137 Cr
Natural Fabrics521 Cr291 Cr230 Cr991 Cr176 Cr815 Cr
Synthetic Fabrics194 Cr93 Cr101 Cr856 Cr28 Cr828 Cr
Biowaste14 Cr11 Cr3 Cr147 Cr1 Cr146 Cr
Chemical Waste97 Cr0 Cr97 Cr147 Cr0 Cr147 Cr
Scrap41 Cr23 Cr18 Cr165 Cr8 Cr157 Cr
Toxic Waste0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr0 Cr
Battle Weapons6,395 Cr6,213 Cr182 Cr8,289 Cr5,491 Cr2,798 Cr
Landmines4,600 Cr3,648 Cr952 Cr5,635 Cr3,301 Cr2,334 Cr
Non-Lethal Weapons2,095 Cr1,517 Cr578 Cr2,620 Cr1,180 Cr1,440 Cr
Personal Weapons4,340 Cr3,789 Cr551 Cr5,430 Cr3,161 Cr2,269 Cr
Reactive Armour2,366 Cr1,757 Cr609 Cr2,973 Cr1,207 Cr1,766 Cr