Inara API Overview

What is Inara API

Inara API is a way how to update, send or get stuff from/to Inara. It means that you can use various tools outside of Inara to update your stuff here (like CMDR profiles) or get information from Inara. You will find a list of tools available below. If you are a developer and you want to use or support Inara API in your tools/apps, please see the Dev guide and Documentation sections.

The API may (and will be) further enhanced in the future, so the functionality/API events list is not finite. :)

Applications/tools using Inara API

Most of the tools/apps require an Inara API key. You can generate your personal API key in your Settings.

E:D Market Connector
Downloads commodity market and other station data from the game Elite: Dangerous for use with all popular online and offline trading tools.

What it does: Updates CMDR profile (credits, cargo/materials, logs, ships, etc.) and community goals.
Version required:
Author: Otis B.
EDDiscovery is a captain's log and 2D/3D map for Elite Dangerous players.

What it does: Updates CMDR profile (credits, cargo/materials, logs, ships, etc.) and community goals.
Version required: 10.1+
Author: Finwen
A Windows utility written in C#, presenting JSON events from Elite: Dangerous log as data source. Allows updating external sites in near-real-time as the log gets updated.

What it does: Updates CMDR profile (credits, cargo/materials, logs, ships, etc.)
Version required:
Author: John Kozak
EDCompanion is an unofficial companion app for Android. You can read Galnet news, community goals, and also see some informations about your CMDR.

What it does: Gets community goals information from Inara.
Version required:
Author: corenting
EDR is an EDMC plugin for Elite: Dangerous whose purpose is to provide background info about other commanders and help bounty or powerplay hunters chase outlaws and enemies via in-game realtime alerts.

What it does: Gets commanders' information from Inara.
Version required: 0.8.2+
Author: Lekeno

Registered applications in the development (probably ;)


As data sent to Inara using this API are outside my control, I cannot guarantee they are correct. This responsibility is lying entirely on the tools/apps developers and you. Although me and various app developers using inAPI are doing our best to avoid any bugs and problems, there is possible that some issues may occur. In that case, please let us know (contact the app author directly, eventually also use a dedicated discussion thread).

Also, please note that especially the CMDR profiles updates are usually not made realtime, but on certain events like a session start, FSD jumps, dockings in stations, etc.

Notice: If you are using an app updating your CMDR profile here, please note that ship removal via API may not be always performed as it is depending whether the ship's gameID was previously known or not. This applies for the ships that were manually added before (to prevent unwanted incorrect ship removals). If that will happen, please remove the ship from your fleet manually. Also, there is possible that in rare cases there will be automatically added a ship that is in your fleet already (and was added manually before). It is caused by the fact that Inara tried to pair your existing ship with the gameID provided via API, but that pairing was unsuccessful for various reasons (it may be not so simple sometimes). In that case just remove the old ship (without any gameID assigned).