About Inara Nexus

What is Inara Nexus?
Inara Nexus is the official player minor faction of this website, INARA.cz. Our goal is to establish neutral ground to serve as a meeting place for commanders regardless of play style. Doesn't matter if you're a pirate, bounty hunter, Imperial or Fed, you can find a place here at Inara Nexus.

How can I help?
Naturally, we appreciate any effort in securing our position in the galaxy. First and foremost, please respect Inara and related Inara Nexus systems by refraining from unprovoked attacks on other commanders. Second, watch this space regarding community goals, faction missions, and other background simulation excitement!

Do I need to abandon my minor faction?
Absolutely not! Inara Nexus is a faction that operates aside of your minor faction. We do not require you to choose. If you are willing to help, great! If you are not, that's fine too.

Any questions?

  • Help to win a war in Yemaki, fight and turn in combat bonds there!
  • Do missions for Inara Nexus
  • Do not do missions for any other faction in the star systems where Inara Nexus is present
  • Do not sell goods, hand in combat bonds or exploration data to the stations not owned by Inara Nexus. We currently own Citi Gateway (starport) and Paolo da Gama Hub (outpost in a distance 1441Ls from the main star) in Inara and various stations in other star systems
  • Feel free to set Inara Nexus as a supported minor faction in your wing settings

Minor faction details

Inara Nexus

Pending states:
Inara Test Wing
Player faction:
52 / 499

Star system presence

SystemEconomy  Government  Allegiance  Population  Fac  Stat  PowerInf  Updated  
HIP 11111ColonyDemocracyFederation2,2606311.8%1 day ago
HIP 15415ColonyCooperativeIndependent2,8465276.3%1 hour ago
Niu YunMilitaryCooperativeIndependent38,2845260.6%11 hours ago
InaraAgricultureCooperativeIndependent3.45 billion71470.7%21 hours ago
HIP 13179IndustrialCooperativeIndependent11.77 million6653.9%3 hours ago
WarnonesExtraction/IndustrialCooperativeIndependent3.81 million7611.2%21 hours ago
EotoRefineryCooperativeIndependent17,0787263.0%7 days ago
24.6%1 hour ago

Owned stations

StationSystem  Economy  Government  Allegiance  
Avdeyev CityHIP 13179IndustrialCooperativeIndependent
Bisson LandingHIP 15415ExtractionCooperativeIndependent
Citi GatewayInaraAgricultureCooperativeIndependent
Ehrlich PlatformEotoRefineryCooperativeIndependent
Lousma PortWarnonesExtraction/IndustrialCooperativeIndependent
Noakes DockHIP 13179IndustrialCooperativeIndependent
Paulo da Gama HubInaraRefineryCooperativeIndependent
Searfoss VisionNiu YunRefineryCooperativeIndependent
Siodmak CampHIP 15415ColonyCooperativeIndependent
Teller ArenaHIP 11111CooperativeIndependent

About minor faction

The Inara Nexus was founded in 3303 as a home for those who wish to be free from the politics of the rest of the Bubble. More recently, it has served as a refuge for those weary of galactic strife, welcoming those from all walks of life. In exchange for a voice in everyday affairs, new citizens are asked to respect the principles of neutrality and peacefulness. All are welcome regardless of affiliations, though tolerance and civility is expected of guests and residents alike.