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Starship Enterprises Resource Appeal
22 Aug 3305

LP 339-7 [Gell-Mann Ring]
Deliver mined Osmium, Samarium, Uraninite, Monazite and Platinum


Kissamies / yesterday
We Are In Hel

I haven't made a log entry in a while mainly because there haven't been that many interesting developments to report. I have mainly been slaving for Aseveljet and other factions, scanning an outpost there, making a delivery here, fighting a battle... it all sort of blurs together after a while. I have...

Lemado / yesterday
Asp Explorer Mining Setup - 17 mill - {  "$schema": "",  "name":...

Falcon15e / yesterday
Dim Sum Special

Johnston was terrified - not because he was worried about the girls failing and what that would mean; more than likely their death. Rather,  because he was terrified they would succeed. If a couple of vigilante teenagers went on a murderous rage throughout the station, it would wreak havoc on the local...

Openflanker / 22 Aug 3305
The Stowaway

For some time I was hearing strange noises in the back of the AspX, odd banging noises. I put these down to the ship being, well, the ship. They rattle, don't they? They certainly creak and groan when they drop out of super-cruise on the way to the planet. Anyway, I put it down to the ship needing a...

Urania Minora / 22 Aug 3305
[CRG Research Journal Article (Pre-Print Draft)] "Stellar Distribution of Galactic Phenomena" Julian Date 2928419.774

Takes a little bit of time to send and receive GalNet data when 27,000 light years away from HQ.....   Glad I parked Annie on a cold, dusty moon for the night.  The high gain antenna was aligned perfectly, and Galnet updates filled the display screen. I also noticed the personal message indicator...
Sitting. Pretty? Eh.
Groove U
001 - Nobilis Reditus
22 Aug 3305
A Plan Comes together
22 Aug 3305
Unmitigated Rage
Maylor Rom
21 Aug 3305
Universal Life
21 Aug 3305
Life Out Here
21 Aug 3305
The First of its Kind
Frank Verse
21 Aug 3305
Imperial Flight Leader
Mike Probably
21 Aug 3305
Landing Pad 07 - eye to eye
Vincent Dominic
21 Aug 3305
On the Colonia Connection Highway
20 Aug 3305
Commitment to the void

Galnet news

22 Aug 3305
Starship Enterprises Launches Mining Campaign

The Starship Enterprises faction has issued a public request for mined resources.

SE Mining, a subdivision of Starship Enterprises, requires materials to construct a specialised installation in the LP 339-7 system. The proposed starport will serve as a departmental headquarters while also providing services to travellers in the region.

Dr Lewis Chapman, CEO of Starship Enterprises, announced:

“There has long been a rift between our system’s prosperous inner worlds and the less wealthy outer gas giants. SE Mining will bridge this divide with a new asteroid base among the rings of the fourth planet, which will generate trade to benefit the entire system.”

“SE Mining has been the backbone of my company since its inception. It has seen us through hard times and continues to be one of the corporation’s most important assets. I believe a new base of operations is a fine way to reward the division’s hard work.”

Independent pilots are asked to mine quantities of osmium, samarium, uraninite, monazite and platinum for delivery to Gell-Mann Ring in the LP 339-7 system.

The initiative will run from the 22nd to the 28th of August 3305. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.

22 Aug 3305
Food Delivery Initiative Concludes Successfully

A campaign to deliver food commodities to the Chamas system has been declared a success by its organisers.

The Fortunes Corsairs efforts to acquire various foods for a glamorous reception were well received. The event, attended by various system officials, appears to have achieved its aim.

Silas James of the Chamash Foods conglomerate released the following statement:

“Due to the overwhelming support from Fortunes Corsairs and other independent traders, the delicious feast helped make our fundraiser a tremendous success. Construction of the new asteroid base will begin immediately.”

Contributors to the initiative can now collect their rewards from Denton Dock in the Chamas system.

18 Aug 3305
Week in Review

Here are this week’s main stories.

The Alliance Festival of Culture has entered the Olgrea system this week with a celebration of literature. Fans of both modern and classical fiction gathered to discuss their favourite novels and meet popular authors.

The Fortunes Corsairs faction has organised an initiative to transport food commodities to the Chamas system. A fundraiser supporting efforts to construct an asteroid base in the system is scheduled for next week, with a grand feast advertised as the main attraction.

And those are the main stories this week.

16 Aug 3305
Fiction Fans Gather for Literary Event

A celebration of literature at H.G. Wells Terminal in the Olgrea system is the focus of the fourth week of the Alliance Festival of Culture.

Leyton Farris reported on the event for The Alliance Tribune:

“Devotees of both modern and classic fiction have gathered to celebrate a shared love of literature and meet their favourite authors. The event is also an opportunity for writers to promote their work and attract new readers.”

“One highlight has been local author Hanna Darrold releasing a novel titled ‘Chronicles of Olgrea’. The book concerns a local author releasing a novel during a literature festival, and has become an instant bestseller in the metafiction category.”

Fans of the wildly popular Corsair King series expressed hope for an appearance by Olav Redcourt, but he remains in seclusion working on his science fiction novel. A spokesperson for Bonespire Publishing suggested “Redcourt is risking financial ruin by trying to resuscitate a dead genre – nobody reads science fiction anymore.”

AX patrol
23 Aug 2019


Diogo Rodrigues

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D. Diogo Rodrigues, D. Diogo Roiz (c.1490-1501; Lagos, Portugal – †21 April 1577; Colva, Goa) was a Portuguese explorer of the Indian Ocean who begin sailing as an ordinary helmsman under the command of Dom Pedro Mascarenhas to Goa. They sailed from the Cape of Good Hope eastward into little-known waters of the newly discovered route to Goa. It was after him that the island of Rodrigues was\is named between 4 and 9 February 1528 after discovering it during his only return journey from Goa via Cochin (left on 15 January 1528) to Portugal, after which he rose to the rank of a knight (cavaleiro). He then returned to Goa and made a mark in the history of the Portuguese empire in the subcontinent around the mid 16th century.

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