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20 Oct 3303
Galactic News: Analysis from the Galaxy’s Most Powerful

A number of the galaxy’s most powerful figures have commented on the current galactic landscape, addressing issues such as the return of Thargoids and the recent discovery of outposts formerly occupied by the Intergalactic Naval Reserve Arm.

At a society event in the Cubeo system, Princess Aisling Duval said:

“I read the INRA records, and frankly I was sickened. How could they treat living creatures that way? I’ve heard of governments inventing threats to support their military programmes. Maybe that’s what the INRA was. A smokescreen.”

Duval was ushered away from reporters by her publicist before she could say any more.

Senator Denton Patreus, who has spent little time in the public eye since his defeat of the insurgent organisation Emperor’s Dawn, made the following statement on the ‘Galaxy Now’ programme:

“I have reviewed much of the available intelligence on the Thargoids, and it is clear that we are facing a formidable threat. Granted, we do not know the reasons for their hostility, but in my experience such details are rarely important – what’s important is knowing where and when to strike.”

“The formation of Aegis is in my view a sound strategy, and represents a sensible response to this threat. Furthermore, I know Aden Tanner well, and I wholeheartedly believe he is the right man to be guiding Aegis’s military strategy.”

Li Yong-Rui, CEO of the Sirius Corporation, also offered an appraisal of the situation:

“If there’s one thing these INRA logs make plain it’s that humanity is capable of defeating the Thargoids, especially when we work together. And remember, most of the galaxy is functioning exactly as it always has, despite the presence of these alien aggressors. So let’s maintain some perspective, shall we?”

20 Oct 3303
Galactic News: Halsey Comments on End of Cold War

With the news that the Empire has withdrawn its fleets from the Pleiades Nebula, apparently signalling the end of the Federal-Imperial cold war, former Federal president Jasmina Halsey has commented on the cessation of hostilities.

Addressing a large crowd in Nerah City on Argent’s Claim, Halsey said:

“Like many of you, I rejoiced when I heard the Federation had recalled its ships. But my jubilation was undercut by the knowledge that our protests and entreaties had failed to move a single Federal or Imperial vessel. Were it not for the emergence of a greater potential threat, the Empire and Federation might still be installed in the Pleiades, squabbling over barnacles. And while the impact of the conflict could have been far greater, it was still far from a bloodless war.”

“I would like to believe that the Federation and Empire have learned from this experience, but I suspect they have not. But I promise you that I will continue to help those affected by such conflicts, for as long as I am able.”

20 Oct 3303
Galactic News: Aegis Expanding

Following news that the Empire and Federation have withdrawn from the Pleiades Nebula, contractors in the core systems have reported that Aegis is poised to establish a number of outposts in the region.

The reports indicate that Aegis intends to establish more than twenty orbital outposts in the coming months, to support its ongoing research and defence initiative. Two of these outposts have already been built, and construction of a third is expected to begin soon.

Admiral Aden Tanner, Aegis’s chief military liaison, commented briefly on the news:

“In my view it is imperative that Aegis has a consolidated presence in the Pleiades, close to the centre of Thargoid activity. Fortunately our backers in the Alliance, Empire and Federation agree with me.”

19 Oct 3303
Galactic News: Remembrance Campaign Comes to an End

A spokesperson for the Labour Union of Kauruk has announced that the organisation’s Remembrance Week has been resoundingly endorsed by the galactic community. Hundreds of pilots flocked to Moore Terminal over the past week, taking the opportunity to pay their respects to departed friends and loved ones.

As the campaign drew to a close, the spokesperson released a brief statement:

“We would like to thank all those who supported this initiative. We hope it gave you an opportunity not only to celebrate absent friends and family, but also to form new bonds with other members of the galactic community.”

Pilots who contributed to the campaign can now collect their rewards from Moore Terminal in the Kauruk system.

Inara updates

20 Oct 2017
Minor Inara update

There was a minor Inara update made, mostly with some internal "invisible" stuff. But, there is a brand new feature for Community goals - rewards structure table with the rewards for each tier and approximate number of contributions needed. These are based on data from the journal imports, so it may take a while for new CGs until all values are properly populated. Also, there was a portuguese (Brazil) language added for the commodity and material names/descriptions.

I would also like to mention that upcoming Inara API is close to be finished. I want to run some beta testing phase starting next week and the "live" API release will be a week or two after that.

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Conflict in Colonia – Colonia Council
19 Oct 3303

Colonia [Jaques Station]
Hand in Combat Bonds after fighting for the Colonia Council in CZs
Conflict in Colonia – The Nameless
19 Oct 3303

Colonia [Jaques Station]
Hand in Combat Bonds after fighting for The Nameless in CZs


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Sydney James Bounds

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Sydney James Bounds (November 4, 1920 – November 24, 2006) was an English author. He wrote as Sydney J. Bounds and S. J. Bounds, as well as under the pen names Clifford Wallace, James Marshall, Earl Ellison and Rex Marlowe. He wrote over forty novels and hundreds of short stories, many published under pseudonyms or anonymously. He was best known for his science fiction, but also wrote horror, Westerns, mysteries and juveniles.

Bounds was unmarried. He lived in Kingston upon Thames until May, 2006, when he moved to Telford, Shropshire. Hospitalized in fall of that year, he died on November 25, 2006 at the age of 86. Starting in 2007 his name has been honored by the British Fantasy Awards' Sydney J. Bounds Best Newcomer Award (a revival of the earlier Icarus and Newcomer Awards), which is sponsored and funded by his estate.

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