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Isilanka / today
Talk with Isilanka - 2

The Isilanka cooperative is a small space travel.hauling/exploration company owned by its pilots and workers. The contents of "Talk With Isilanka" are from our members but do not engage the cooperative as a whole. Since the Isilanka cooperative temporarily set foot (so to speak) in the Upaniklis...

Tzebra / today
Future Planning

15th November, 3305 place, system Poppy joined me on running cargo missions, to the local planetary base of King Bastion. After a couple of trips had been completed, control was handed over to Poppy- she was a fast learner. The third trip she completed, with me instructing her. The fourth trip...

Smertkopf / today
Back to the Bubble - Chapter 1 - Enter the Core

It took the ship's computer about ten seconds to plot a route from Colonia to Sagittarius A, the supermassive black hole that lies at the center of our Galaxy and the object around which all of us revolve in a cycle spanning millions of years. When the calculations were complete, I saw that it would...

Allus Craig Dobro VI / today

Dobro Catalogue; Chronology Main Entries 3302 Dobro Prime: Synuefe ZX-M b38-0 —aka "Fortune's Triplets"; 3x T-Tauri (trinary) Dobro 2: Synuefe CT-M b38-0 Dobro 3: Synuefe AE-U c18-2 —Water-based life; 2x HMC Dobro 4: Synuefe IJ-M b38-0 —Trinary icy bodies Dobro 5: Synuefe HN-P...

Yah-Ta-Hey / yesterday
a little history from long ago (14)

As they get into the ship, we ask if there is anything that can be done about the Thargoids that are still on the planet… El Viejo drops his head and says no there isn’t but we can set it up so that they can never bother you here. We gather our dead and put as many as we could into the space craft and...
The Letter
LOG #003

Galnet news

15 Nov 3305
Golconda Attracts Superpower Interest

The discovery of an inhabited generation ship has attracted attention from both the Empire and the Federation.

A recent trade appeal in the Upaniklis system provided the Golconda with emergency aid. Each of the superpowers has since deployed a megaship to the area, along with proposals for integrating the Golconda’s crew into the galactic community.

Imperial senator Ava Cornelius released this statement:

“This remarkable thousand-year mission exemplifies humanity’s indomitable spirit. We stand ready to help these colonists complete that mission by constructing a new planetary settlement exclusively for their use. There, they will finally be able to enjoy solid ground and open skies, in a colony that thrives under Imperial protection.”

Federal Congressman Harlan Turk outlined an alternative approach:

“As the descendants of a generation ship launched from Sol, we view these courageous travellers as honorary Federal citizens. We therefore hold that they are entitled to remain a spacefaring commune as their ancestors wished, and intend to honour their traditional way of life with an orbital outpost to call their own.”

There has been minimal communication with the Golconda, and only a select few representatives of Upaniklis Vision Incorporated have interacted with the colonists. Assuming that the freshly donated supplies can fortify this micro-civilisation, vital decisions will need to be made regarding the Golconda’s future.

14 Nov 3305
Golconda Receives Vital Aid

The initiative in the Upaniklis system to provide the generation ship Golconda with essential supplies has concluded successfully.

A statement was provided by Itsuko Harada of Upaniklis Vision Incorporated:

“Sincere thanks to all traders who delivered medicines and emergency supplies, and also to the brave pilots who protected these shipments against pirate raids. Transfer of the goods to the Golconda has concluded, and I understand they were accepted gratefully.”

The medical supplies were accompanied by representatives of the Interstellar Health Organisation, who advised the colonists on their use. Team leader Dr Ivan Johansen commented:

“Our antiviral agents are far more advanced than those on the Golconda, and early indications suggest patients are responding well to treatment. Hopefully we have halted the outbreak of what the colony calls ‘the wasting kiss’.”

Reports from Upaniklis government insiders indicate that communication with the Golconda has become more frequent, particularly in regards to technological advancements. Local media coverage has fuelled public speculation that the colonists should abandon their ancient vessel and establish a new home in the system.

Pilots who took part in the campaign can now obtain their rewards from Fozard Port in the Upaniklis system.

11 Nov 3305
The Golconda Generation

The culture of the generation ship Golconda has been examined by Professor Elizabeth Perez, head of anthropology at Orion Independent University.

“Little is known about the Golconda’s origins. There are no intact records of its launch, and the lack of archived blueprints suggests a privately funded colonisation attempt. But there’s no doubt this microcosm of 22nd Century society will have diverged over the past thousand years.”

“The inhabitants’ language is entirely comprehensible, however, and their social structure is recognisable. Rigid security measures are in evidence, as one would expect from an isolationist culture.”

“We also know there is a custodian tasked with ensuring the community’s wellbeing, and a chaplain who provides spiritual guidance. All signs point to contentment with – maybe even an addiction to – their spacefaring existence.”

While audio messages recorded by the Golconda crew are available to the galactic community, only a select handful of individuals representing Upaniklis Vision Incorporated have been permitted to dock with the Golconda. Professor Perez travelled to Upaniklis to speak with them as part of her study.

“Interviews with those who delivered supplies were fascinating. As one pilot put it: ‘The loading procedures were done at top speed, hardly any comms chatter at all. Nobody on the Golconda entered the cargo bays before we left. I got the impression they were scared stiff of us.’”

“History shows that isolated cultures can be irrevocably damaged by contact with outsiders. We must ensure that efforts to support the Golconda community do not destroy this unique bubble-colony.”

08 Nov 3305
Inhabited Generation Ship Discovered

A generation ship with a living population has been discovered in the Upaniklis system.

The ship’s distress signal was initially picked up by a listening post. Investigating pilots were surprised to find that the ancient vessel - identified as the Golconda - had drifted into the uninhabited region around Upaniklis B.

Generation ships are huge, self-sufficient craft from the pre-hyperdrive era, designed to deliver their original crews’ descendants to uninhabited systems. Launched in the 22nd century, the Golconda has survived for more than a millennium as the home of a self-reliant society.

But it is believed the vessel’s outdated facilities are struggling to meet the needs of its crew. The inhabitants have reported a lack of maintenance materials and medical supplies, the latter made more pertinent by a virus sweeping through the ship.

Itsuko Harada of Upaniklis Vision Incorporated gave the following statement:

“These visitors have crossed incredible distances, entirely disconnected from the rest of humanity until now. Sheer desperation has forced these proud people to call for help – a disease referred to as ‘the wasting kiss’ is running rampant, and in a closed environment its effects may prove catastrophic.”

“Understandably, the Golconda’s people are reluctant to leave their home or interact with the rest of the galaxy, at least at present. They have gratefully accepted our offer of medical supplies and other materials, however.”

Traders are asked to deliver basic medicines, advanced medicines, aluminium, ceramic composites and semiconductors to Fozard Port in the Upaniklis system. Upaniklis Vision Incorporated is also offering bounty vouchers on wanted ships to deter pirate activity in the area.

The initiative is scheduled to run from the 8th to the 14th of November 3305. If the final targets are met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.

Ringed star view
15 Nov 2019
Dr Dunderbrak


Diogo Rodrigues

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D. Diogo Rodrigues, D. Diogo Roiz (c.1490-1501; Lagos, Portugal – †21 April 1577; Colva, Goa) was a Portuguese explorer of the Indian Ocean who begin sailing as an ordinary helmsman under the command of Dom Pedro Mascarenhas to Goa. They sailed from the Cape of Good Hope eastward into little-known waters of the newly discovered route to Goa. It was after him that the island of Rodrigues was\is named between 4 and 9 February 1528 after discovering it during his only return journey from Goa via Cochin (left on 15 January 1528) to Portugal, after which he rose to the rank of a knight (cavaleiro). He then returned to Goa and made a mark in the history of the Portuguese empire in the subcontinent around the mid 16th century.

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