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We came from Miranda II, our system didn’t have the resources to make it wealthy, but it was proud,
hardworking and full of talented pilots.

That changed when the expanding influence and conflicts of the Empire, Federation and Alliance entered our system.
We made a stand in the name of independence but we lost at the Serenity Valley fight.

After the war, many of the independents who had fought drifted to the edges of the bubble, far from the control of these
three super powers. Out there, people struggled to get by, with the most basic technologies.

But we got lucky, we had a ship, and a ship would bring you work; and a gun would help you keep it.
A Commander's goal was simple: Find a crew, get a job and Keep flying…

Then it happened, the long tentacles of corruption and control spread out further across the bubble
…further than we were prepared to run, so we came back.

They are here, in all this time they never left, our people are working, enslaved,
they are trying to make us follow their rules, the problem is...

Well, we aim to misbehave...
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