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Welcome to the first exploratory expedition of the Black Rebellion Empire Wing The tour will start from the BREW HEADQUARTER, Nomen Vision in the HIP 115501 system. We will leave on May 27, 3304 at 20:00 Zulu and set course among the stars to the beautiful sights of nebula pulsar and planetary features.

This expedition of about 36kly is aimed at those commanders who have never left the bubble and want to start exploring or simply to all those who want to explore for a while together with other commanders. The Expedition will last about 4 weeks and the route will include 4 waypoints.

Waypoints to waypoynt routes pass close to many interesting and different POIs, with rich detours to historical, biological, planetary sites. Near the main route there are also some deep space outposts, if someone needs repairs and a little outfitting.

The expedition will be managed in the BREW Discord where there will be dedicated voice and text channels for the Expeditionary Fleet. When you join our discord please write that you have entered for expedition so we can give you the right role.

For those who are at their first exploration, in the text channel, you'll find some fitting for your ship and you'll can ask any kind of questions about this expedition.

We will also stream in every waypoint meeting on our YT channel

So as Alan Shepard said: «Please, dear God, don’t let me fuck up.»

Discord - Remember to tell us you're here for the expedition


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