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LEAD and Recruits

LEAD - Operational Mandate – (Rebranding from LOST)

I do not feel that LOST is the right message to send to the Recruits coming in. In addition to this I personally do not like the name of the training and recruitment fleet.I propose we change the name from Leviathan Operative Specialized Training to a name that reflects more around what it is there for: LEAD: Leviathan Education And Deployment. I feel this portrays a better message to the Recruits coming in.

Going forward, LEAD has transitioned to training all new Recruits to a set level of understanding in the game where they will be able to interact with all fleets in LSR.

LEAD will not be training our Recruits to the point where they are fully trained. We will manage the initial confusion of what to do in the game and ensure they have the following points underway:

  1. They will have the first 5 engineers unlocked.
  2. They will understand how to use the galaxy map so they can navigate.
  3. They will be shown how to use the commodities market.
  4. They will know how to productively mine to get money.
  5. Install in them to progress through the ships and not just jump to an Anaconda.
  6. Get them to have some combat experience. (PVE and PVP)
  7. Get them to have basic trade, combat, mining and exploring ships.

Furthermore, we have removed the standard 30 day requirement for promotion beyond Recruit. We will be promoting people based on their individual attitude, behavior, progression and gumption. The process will take between 14 to 30 days, depending on the individual.
Leadership in LEAD (Rear Admiral / Captain / Lieutenant) will make the call for promotion when they are ready. Anyone in Leadership can make the call when the Recruit is ready and the Rear Admiral will initiate the promotion and movement to a Fleet.

In terms of new players, they will be in LEAD to allow us to get to know them and them to get to know us, also so we can assess their progress in the game. Again promotion from LEAD will be based on their individual attitude, behavior, progression and gumption.
Once the Recruits have been promoted and passed on to the Fleet of their choice, it will be up to their Fleet to continue training, however they will still get training from everyone in LEAD and within LSR on more specific subjects.

After they have been promoted, this will be announced in our #lsr-announcements channel, and they will be processed and moved into a Fleet of their choice, however the Fleet transfer announcement will be delayed and they will retain the LEAD tags for up to 7 days unless the Rear Admiral of the Fleet believes they are fully ready to be deployed as part of that Fleet. The reason for this is in case the Recruit does not meet the Fleets standards, or just does not gel with the unit. If this is the case they will retain the LEAD tags until redeployment or receive additional training if necessary.

The #recruit-comms discord channel will be open for the entire LSR, not just for a few people, this way everyone can assist the Recruits, and we have set up a discord channel for LOST named #instructors-chat which will only be for leadership and trainers to coordinate things and discuss plans. No recruits will be admitted, all communication is to stay in LSR discord.
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