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A-1 Ship of State

United Citizen Federation

Ship of State

The United Citizen Federation, being a player faction and Elite Dangerous entity, is maintained by and decided by a select few individuals, who by means of dedication and loyalty to the faction have attained or achieved  the status of “High Command” by either voluntary or nominated circumstances. Any Citizen can achieve this status but must first attain and maintain a desired level of activity before consideration. Citizens who wish to achieve an administrative position must also be knowledgeable on all matters of United Citizen Federation to include UCF Code of Conduct, UCF Cardinal Rules, UCF Rules of Engagement and other particular information as requested by the authority of Sky Marshal. Administrators or “Board Members” are the heads of UCF and as such are responsible for the organization's overall health and well being. The “Board” consists of Senior Officers who each maintain a level of authority relevant to their Rank and Role. All aspects of UCF are discussed and decided by these citizens.

For more on Citizenship please refer document C-1


Rank in The United Citizen Federation is divided by junior enlistment, senior enlistment, junior officer and senior officer status. A citizen’s rank does not necessarily determine the citizen’s level of authority. Authority is more related to the citizen’s role, and roles are designated by rank. Here, the term Authority is not to say that a member has “Official” privilege and as such does not imply that the citizen can issue commands or administer punishments. No citizen of UCF can command another. The United Citizen Federation is an Elite Dangerous “Role Playing” player faction and community, not a real world government or military service. With this in mind it is important to note that a citizen’s level of participation, dedication and knowledge of their role are the most important factors when considering promotion.
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