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A Letter to the Empress Arissa Lavigny-Duval & her

Overview: Similar to the letter to Aisling Duval, but this one is from Rabbi Moses requesting that the Empress herself lets Israel go free and releases all the slaves.
Date: 30/03/2018, 2:52 AM

Out of Character: This is an Roleplay post for relating to my commander's lore and actions in the region, please check out for more details or send me a private message. Since it is Passover is arriving on April 12-20th (the 15th of Nisan once we advance the Hebrew calendar to 7064 which is 3304CE - please check out in Elite Dangerous today I figured I'd have Rabbi Moses official make his appeal to Empress Arissa Lavigny-Duval (Pharaoh) to let Israel go free. @FDev if you wanted to run the community goal please feel free to use for prior encounters and the first series of plagues -

Dear Empress Arissa Lavigny-Duval,

My name is Rabbi Moses, I am from the Empire, and I have come a long way speak to you directly about a matter that is adversely affecting the population of the Empire. Commander Chay'yim Ben David has assured me that he will deliver this letter upon my arrival at your court and capital.

As you may have noticed the outskirts of your Empire recently fell to the various resistances of Israel and it's several partners. The resistance was started after number of Imperial Dictators placed in control of the sector by yourself, the Imperial Senate, and others began enacting a series of inhumanities against the various citizens of Israel along with enslaving them to meet the Imperial Slave quota after dispossessing them of their homes.

We the Jews of the Empire not only helped form the Empire and build it into the powerful government it is today after the Federation put policy in place that limited our ancestral right to visit the homelands of Israel and or elsewhere on Earth in the Sol System by requiring system permits. Each station was built in order to assist the first Emperors free Earth and give us all as humans the right, the g-d given right, to visit Earth our native home world without restriction. Now some several centuries later we find all eleven stations that we built naming each Israel and agreed to let the Empire controlled now uses us as slaves or banks they can rob when the Imperial budget does not cover the personal greed of their dictators instead of fulfilling the age old royal decree!

We the Jewish people of the Milky Way galaxy will not be cowed into submission like whipped dogs. Nor will we allow ourselves to be beguiled into signing over our independence to a body of government which has failed to fulfill it's promise in forcing the Federation to lift it's permit restrictions in the Sol System so that we may once again enact our right to Aliyah freely.

The several parts of Israel and the Imperial Slaves from them that you have taken are of little matter to the Empire and some would even say we are burden for the reason behind Imperial Slavery is to deal with excessive population others a burden because of the plagues our LORD has brought down upon Aisling Duval for her refusal to uphold the decree, fight to liberate Sol for humanity, and let people of Israel go free into the wilderness.

I am writing this letter with the hope that you will agree to free the Jewish people of the several parts of the Empire and let them make their Aliyah to Israel so that we may leave your Empire without further incident and head to wherever the G-d of Israel commands us.

The Twelve Tribes of Israel:

Israel Base in Lu Hsiensei.
Israel Station in Chick Bara.
Israel Port in Mudrama Kaze.
Israel Station in Botame.
Israel Port in Hip 110147.
Israel Terminal in Maidenwites.
Israel Mines Niali.
Israel Port in Namasa.
Israel Retreat in Kangthitani.
Israel Landing in Hap.
Israel Dock in Henet.
Israel in Sol. (Unable to visit because it is on Earth)

Thank you,

Rabbi Moses

1st of Nisan 7064 (3304)
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