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Third Party Tools

During your time with Greybeard Delta Squadron, you will need to use Third Party Tools (such as INARA) to aid and assist you as you journey throughout the galaxy.

Here you you can get the information on the services we use, whether they be website or mobile apps.  You will also be able to see frequently asked questions about the apps which should help you with their use.


EDSM or Elite Dangerous Star Map is a site , that allows you to track and log systems that you will encounter during your time in space.  It also provides the ability to annotate systems visited, and upload your current ship build to another site (Coriolis) for module outfitting.

NOTE :  Currently when syncronising your ED data with EDSM, celestial bodies that you have scanned, will NOT syncronise across

  • When viewing your current ship data, you can click on the Coriolis icon and open up your ship config in the Coriolis site
  • To sync you console data over, you will need to setup your account as a PS4 account 'Once you have done this, you will be able to use the 'Console Updater' to bring data over.
  • To setup follow the steps below
    • Open the site
    • Login
    • Click on your profile picture (top right corner of the page)
    • Click on CONSOLE UPDATER
    • You should now be presented with a page like the one below
    • Click on the Playstation icon
    • Enter in your PSN login information
    • If prompted to authorise, click YES
    • You should then be returned back to EDSM
    • NOTE : The sync is initiated manually.  To do this, click on your profile image and select Console Updater.
    • [/li]
  • Systems that are logged will need to have their co-ordinates calculated.  This is done by manually entering distances to at least 4 other systems
  • In the screen below click on 'Distances'.  You will then see a table at the bottom of the screen which will be populated with a number of 'known' systems.  You need to utilise in the in-game galaxy map and confirm the distance between the system you have just logged and the distance of the systems labelled 
  • Once you have 4 the system will have co-ordinates calculated
  • Systems that have co-ordinates that appear in RED are estimated co-ordinates
  • Systems that have co-ordinates that appear in ORANGE have co-ordinates calculated by EDSM, based on references provided
  • Systems that have co-ordinates that appear inGREEN have co-ordinates that have bee confirmed and 'locked in place'.    Once a System has been confirmed/visited by up to 4 other Cmdrs, the co-ordinates reach this state


EDDB is a site, that provides access to the ED Database.   From this site, you can get information on known systems, stations, local markets.  

You can also find out where to obtain certain commodities and materials, which you will need when engineering your ships

No FAQs at this point


Coriolis is a shipbuilding site.  This site allows you to build and fine tune your ship to suit your requirements, before actually spending any of your hard earned credits.  You can then save these loadouts,  share them with your fellow Commanders and compare them.

Additionally, site such as EDSM allow you to upload your current ship configuration, and view its config on Coriolis


  • Builds are saved locally.  This means if you save a build on your Tablet, it won't be visible if you launch Coriolis on your PC
  • However...there is the option to upload your build to OrbisZone.  ObrisZone builds can be opened up in Coriolis.  NOTE : OrbisZone is still in beta, and as such may be wiped from time to time
  • Max Laden/ Unladen  jump range, is  jump range you could achieve with the current modules installed
  • Total Laden / Unladen jump ranges are essentially what your ship could achieve when not factoring in non-essential modules (so a 'bare bones' ship)


This tool will help you locate pristine and double mining hotspots for the purpose of getting high yield mining outcomes.  It will tell you the shortest and most lucrative route of where to mine and where to cash in.


greybearddelta.comGreybeard Delta websiteSITE--
EDSM.NETElite Dangerous Star MapSITE--
EDDB.IOElite Dangerous DatabaseSITE--
Fuel RatsEmergency Refueling serviceSITE--
CORIOLISShipbuilding siteSITE--
*EVAElite Dangerous Virtual AssistantAPPIOS, ANDROID

* at this point in time, due to changes in authentication, EVA is not functioning as expected.  As and when the issues are addressed this will be a very useful app to have access to
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