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Shortly after the Thargoid wars the German Pilot Lounge was banned from the Sol star system. Even though the GPL has provided heroically fighting troops for the Federation, their service was not longer needed. Many CMDRs and their families lost their home. The GPL was scattered throughout the galaxy. Only a core of CMDRs tried to gain ground on different planets.

January 3301
Some hundred years later the GPL goes public again. Financed with trading profits and a fund for setting up a new fleet, the GPL was fighting side by side with the Crimson State Group in the Great War of Lugh. Inspired by countless victories on the battle ground against our common enemy (the Federation), the GPL officers decided to become settled again. A new home was found at the borders of the Federation in the system: Maridal. The GPL should become an independent society built on democratic structures.

September 3301
The GPL owns more and more reputation and becomes a minor faction.

November 3301
The GPL tries to expand into neighbor star systems of Maridal.
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