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: Divisions :

It is recommended that you join a Division when you first join Atlas Corporation. You're always free to change Divisions later but joining one now gets you more involved with people who share the same interests as you. Below are the Divisions we currently offer as well as who you should contact if you would like to join.


[AA] - Aeropagus Academy
Leader: Spacedragonz XD
Primary Objective: Training

Aeropagus is the pilot training division of Atlas. Our goal is to teach new pilots the game and facilitate an enjoyable player experience. If you're a brand new player looking for someone to show you the ropes, or someone who likes helping new players, Aeropagus is the place for you.


[AEF] - Atlas Expeditionary Force
Leader: Zeanok the Iron
Primary Objective: Exploration

The Atlas Expeditionary Force is the exploration Division of Atlas. We make both long and short range expeditions frequently. We have no requirements and if you have any general interests in exploring, we will be happy to speak with you. We're very accepting of new members and work to keep our team active.


[AIM] - Atlas Information Ministry
Leader: The Dizzyy D
Primary Objective: Public Relations

The Atlas Information Ministry is in charge of creating lore for our faction, pulling recruits, and spreading the name of Atlas to draw in more attention from other players. This division consists of streamers, YouTubers, and anyone else who assists people that wants to learn more about Atlas.


[AMC] - Atlas Mining Corp.
Leader: VanishedLime966
Primary Objective: Mining


[ANW] - Atlas-Night Witch coalition
Leader: Zayneak
Primary Objective: Role Play

This Division is home to the CMDRs who wish to delve deep into the story of Elite and experience what it's like to live in our Galaxy. CMDRs here are expected to participate in large story-driven content that you won't find anywhere else. Meet with other members in the bar, explore far away places. Experience Elite.


[II] - Imperium Immortalis
Leader: Ant9472
Primary Objective: PvE

This Division is our PvE military and primarily focuses on Bounty Hunting and Combat Zones. II also deals with Thargoid Hunting. There is an Opt-In Xeno Hunter group in the Discord.


[L] - Legion
Leader: xlewisjay
Primary Objective: PvP

This division makes up our military force if in need to search and destroy certain people who may cause havoc to our faction. We can be extremely helpful but only if you listen and take advice from the older members. If in need of more information or a tryout is requested.


[SIC] - Special Investigations Commision
Leader: SlagOfFrigga
Primary Objective: Internal Affairs

The Special Investigations Commision is an oversight Division that investigates incidents and possible speculations against members of Atlas, acting as a mediary for internal conflicts, policing incidents, as well as providing insight to conduct policy.


[TM] - Trajan’s Market
Leader: Elathron
Primary Objective: Trading

Trajan’s Market is where we make Commanders rich using a variety of cargo based methods. If you enjoy space trucking, manipulating markets and spreading the economic reach of your squadron in order to increase the size of your fleet, then TM is the place for you. The long term goal of this division is to help players achieve Elite rank in trade whilst simultaneously helping them attain a fleet of (engineered) ships to explore the other activities on offer within Atlas.

Usually there are meets more than once a week where members drop in with veterans to complete wing source missions, hotspot mining and to trade the most profitable loops within our space. We also help our newer members with unlocking engineers wherever possible, part of our ethos is to be able to defend oneself no matter the enemy.


[VIE] - Valkyrie Interstellar Envoys
Leader: OakBasil9562647
Primary Objective: BGS work (Background Simulation)

Valkyrie Interstellar Envoys [VIE] are Atlas Corporations BGS Division and are our in-game Minor Faction driving force. Whether they are Trading, Mining, Bounty Hunting, Mission Running or Exploration Data gathering just to name a few. They have just one goal in mind, that is system by system, to spread Atlas Corporation further and further across the Galaxy.

If working our minor faction influence, and pushing Atlas Corporation across the Galaxy Interests you, Contact one of VIE's officers.
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