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Sierra I07 / 05 Jul 3303
Couple of historical notes, courtesy of yours truly. (05/07/03 - SEE LOG 01/03073303)

A few of the boys asked me what a Federal Commando is. Truth be told, I forgot that Hudson had the program buried after the incident in Maia. Still, that was mid-last year, and I suppose most people in the special operations community are trained to forget (especially the PF kind).  So it surprises me that the Independent Pilot's Armada hasn't recruited anybody in aside from myself. That's getting beside the point though, so I'll just continue.

Federal Commandos were introduced by a regimen produced from INRA back in 3250. This was after the rumors that they'd shut down the Thargoids, but honestly, most people believed both were a myth. It was introduced mainly from 20th century training programs from some kind of special forces unit. Started with S. Can't recall it off the top of my head. We were trained in three forms of combat: Atmospheric, Zero-G, and Inter-System.

Atmospheric was environments that were anywhere close to Earth/Mars gravity, and comprised of sea, air, and land based engagements. So, using combat yachts, flying custom-ATMO Condors in atmosphere, and ground based warfare like CQC and urban/guerilla warfare.

Zero-G was planets without an atmosphere, aircraft and stations (like pirate/slaver ships that we damaged in Inter-System combat, exteriors of stations, moons, etc).

Inter-System is what you Commanders probably already know. Stuff like conflict zones was usually our place of interest for any budding anarchist or possible terror operative. The Anacondas that we usually ran around in had some crazy shit - we'd overheat very quickly, especially near nav beacons. Always sucked.

Training sucked too. Every weekend involved flying back to Mars from Neomam, ascending and descending Olympus Mons in full combat uniform, and trying not to die. A lot of guys would chuck up in their REMLOK helmet and keep going. There's no giving up to the instructors, they will kick your ass onto the top if you don't comply. Most days it was just a lot of different training programs, then it was practical programs based in holo-sims.

Our run of the mill weaponry consisted of a few Fed firearms, mostly standard stuff. For us Commandos, it was the CDS-417M. It was a beefed up version of the standard CDS-415, but a lot more modular. In a couple of seconds, you could switch from normal HVR rounds, to the anti-armor attachment (don't worry, we never used them in Zero-G. Too much paperwork), and to the sniper attachment. That thing could take the head off an Imperial guardsmen at 500 metres, but they weren't cheap. Sidearm was your usual DSC-9, but we had a couple of modular attachments for those too.

Usually in Zero-G ops, we would have custom combat uniforms equipped that had mini-jets on them (like the Scarabs most ships are equipped with. We actually helped with the design process. At least for the modern interations), plus state of the art Sarif armor plates. Those things could take a beating, but too much and you'd be cooked inside the suit before you know it. They were designed to take a good couple of hits from any type of ammunition (bar explosives). Stuff like plasma rounds, HVR, slugs fired from ACPs, and every kind of small arm round from the 21st century to now. We'd have them over Ascendant flight uniforms, however we did have a low-profile armor system that was slick enough to fit underneath, in the event we wanted to blend in.

Like I said earlier on though, Hudson and Maxwell had the program shut down after a few CDOs went nuts. There were two on my team after the incident in a system I can't give a title to, but it was where I lost my eye, and took a few hits to the torso and arms. Wasn't fun. The guys they recruited towards the end of the program were all very brash, very unreasonable dudes. The kind that'd raid your ship just if you had a funny nameplate, or if you were an Imperial vet. They'd pull you out of supercruise, inspect your cargo, check for illegal engineering, and let you go. Though, sometimes they didn't. Sometimes they'd just gun you down.

I'm glad the program is gone, but not glad that those guys are still out there, somewhere. I asked Viking and Kale to keep an ear out incase anybody matching their description comes out as a KOS. Their lives were my responsibility, and they'll be mine to take when the time comes.
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Name: Independent Pilot's Armada
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent


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    Squadron commander: Vikingblood212'
    Members: 56
    Ships: 168
    Supporters: 4
    Squadron age: 1069 days

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